Media is the opposition

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The Media have chosen to become the opposition to what America Stands for…

They have chosen to be what would have been offensive to their past brothers who now likely roll in their graves knowing the level of foolishness and ignorance they continually display in the bias they show every day.

More than that they insult the intelligence of everyone while pretending to be the voice of conscious.

Want to know even more…

The media is your enemy.

They want to sell you everything from cars to insurance but they don’t want to tell you the truth but instead a lie they prefer.

The Media want to charge for advertisers to sell things during commercials but they do not want you to be informed.

That seems really a sad thing when you begin to consider what it means about our society and what it means about freedom.

We have a mentality that only a few people actually share, the media are part of that very small percentage of the public.

Its time that the media be removed from the freedom to lie to the public.