Three card monty the media and the truth

30 years ago I was writing for a college newspaper, we used to have a standard that we believed in that standard has over the years disappeared, it has been eroded, and it has been been destroyed.

When it comes to delivering on the promise of providing a truthful and unbiased news transaction the media seem to have a truly difficult time facing the truth. All you have to do is just watch the news for a few minutes and you will see it….

You will notice it because it is a garish thing that has so twisted the truth that now days it appears that no one even knows what the truth is perhaps that is the game the media are playing but all in all it seems like lying online and lying on the air is not a great way to get advertisers to pay money so that stockholders can profit but that would be far too simple would it not?

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¬†What if we could go back in time and bring back the best journalists from the past and then showed them what their beloved profession has become in so many ways they would be disappointed they would be shocked at the things that are allowed to go on…

They would wonder what happened to the truth?

What happened to integrity?

What happened to writing the truth and reporting the facts….

It is a sad thing to witness the foolish behavior of the so called modern reporters what most people call bobble heads.

The reason for this is simple people do not respect lies they do not respect people who they know are lying to them.

You might wonder how its possible to get to a place where the media are so corrupted and arrogant that they really think that everyone but them are stupid fools the truth is they are the fools and everyone else is laughing at them soon though the last laugh may be when the media begin to see their revenues from advertising go down and down…

The truth is often more informative than the lies the media attempt to create so that they can try to influence everyone to vote a certain way or to try for example take a statement and twist it up so that a man is made to resign?

Funny thing is that when its a democrat they just make up an excuse they say that he or she did not mean anything by that statement and besides they have apologized, then it is no longer a news story but when its a republican they must resign right away or it will bring down the entire republican election.

So what is the truth?

Do the media liars from the left have two standards one for republicans and one for democrats?

The truth is that what you see is often not what you get, its sad that reporting has become such a swamp of disgruntled humanity that they are so unhappy that they now will do anything to attempt to preserve the tenuous power that they once enjoyed but as with all power when you abuse it eventually you loose it.

This is the truth, from the times that only 2 percent of the population could read to a modern population where better than 70 percent can read things have changed yes the media insist on this foolish insistence that we are not able to come to our own conclusions they cannot understand that we are a new generation that can read many different publications all over the internet and while it might not always be accurate one thing remains clear its better than lies.


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Politizing death…

It is a shame on the media and certain websites that have attempted to blame politics for the shooting tragedy that shook the country this Saturday, it is difficult to believe when you see politics being used in the death of Americans.

When you see headlines that blame this terrible tragedy on all manner of political motivated unknown outcomes, even DHS has issued an alleged memo that seems to link this to an anti Semitic, group, this is reckless and unprofessional.

When People have died and news agencies try to blame popular political pundits, instead of the person who allegedly did the crime.

Yesterday Sheppard Smith allowed an Arizona state Senator to openly talk about the Tea Party, he then did nothing to refute or rebuff the horrible statement made by Lopez, when you do nothing in a situation like that you are inviting shame on your profession.

To Politicize, the deaths and wounded Americans in this way is not only sick but perhaps these people need to be removed from office, when her fellow citizens had been gunned down in cold blood, the state senator could only think about politics?

We have to wonder what they were thinking about because the welfare of the people of Arizona certainly and allegedly was not on their list.

Fox news was not the only ones, guilty of this there was others news companies that allowed similar statements to be made on the internet and on TV, there was a lot of speculation about this news story, if the shooter was this, if the shooter listened to Rush Limbaugh, if the shooter listened, to Shawn Hannity, What about Sarah Palin?

Some even tried to say that Sarah Palin was responsible, what a nasty bunch of people.

When an Angel Lay Dead, in the Hospital, these horrible people were on the internet “talking trash” and using this as a political subject, when they knew nothing they were all talking about this or that. Now we know, the young man was mentally ill.

Does that excuse him of his actions, no of course not he should be made to pay for them.

But to try and politicize his actions where none existed, it is a shame on the media for what they did in poor reporting and discussing theory and allowing others to do so as well, it makes you sick to see this kind of thing on TV.

But if you want to know the truth the motive, appears to be that this young man was mentally ill, nothing political at all.

Yet you see this on Yahoo news, Tucson rampage casts light on toxic political tone

What, that is the news story you want to put on Yahoo news?

This kind of thing is wrong and should not stand, people died, because there was no security detail for a federal judge in public, there was no security detail for a congresswoman, it is a sad thing, but it could have been prevented had there been security.

That is the bottom line, here not any political story, or any political blame game.

Yahoo news should be ashamed of what they are doing.

When you do this type of thing you further the cause of the left and the right, it is wrong and it should stop.