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Vote this alleged pervert out of office.

vote him out of office.

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Palin is right

Will the liberal media never cease to pervert the truth with lies?

We ask this question because of all the hate filled speech that some liberal networks and newspapers have engaged in over the last few days.

It is the most perverse thing I have ever seen, finger pointing, blame, in complete political nonsense, the sad thing is that there are some people who really believe it, only a very small number yes, but it only takes one as far as the liberal media is concerned.

Apparently people are no longer responsible for the things they do, Why is it that when liberals make excuses for criminals they are always on the left of the political divide?

The idea that everyone but the person that allegedly did this crime is responsible for his murderous rampage, if that is true then blame the parents, blame the school that allegedly banned him from the campus because they thought he was dangerous.

Why not blame, the sheriff, who had the opportunity to take action but did nothing.

Blame is not the solution, it is the problem.



Is the ACLU really all about preserving the American way or lack thereof?

The idea that they always act in the right way is debatable, in fact much of what they have done over the last few years is subject to much debate.

I used to think that the ACLU was a decent organization however over the last few years, not so much.

They used to try to provide a decent amount of legal services, but not allegedly what they are involved in is mostly related to Anti Christian activities, attempting to mount a legal challenge to what the constitution guarantees us we shall have.

It is a shame on them to allegedly pervert the constitution, but you know what, they cant stop the truth they can allegedly try but it will avail them nothing.

Allegedly it is becoming disturbing to witness the continual, trends toward anti religion, anti Military, anti, establishment, ok that last may be ok, but really anti American?

Allegedly if you look at what they are doing and not what they are saying you might start to loose sleep at night.