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  • Olive Garden Treason?

    Is Olive Garden a Treasonous, bunch of Lying Political correctness, activists? Should we boycott Olive Garden? If you are ashamed of the American Flag, (Get out) We do not need you here. This is America, This is our flag….  I am sick and tired of Anti American Political correctness, you know what if you don’t […]

  • Olive Garden Anti American Flag?

    Would you support, a business that allegedly hated the American way of life? Is it True, because I feel really bad if it is, Imagine for a moment you have a restaurant, chain that is based in Orlando Fl. Then imagine that for the most part its prime customer base allegedly is Older Americans, aged […]

  • Olive Garden Anti American?

    So what is this America or is this some foreign Banana Republic? So is olive garden anti American? That would seem to be a real concern, because we live in a free country simply because our fathers and our sons have given their service many their blood and their lives to defend the Flag.  This […]