Tag: Nomination

  • mitt romney cannot win

    You have to wonder, if the liberal media wants Mitt Romney to get the nomination so that Obama can get re-elected, because for the most part, polls show that bugs bunny or even Elmer FUD could win the 2012 election, but Mitt Romney no way… Is it true that, Mitt Romney cannot win, and likely […]

  • Rick Perry

    Can Rick Perry win against the biased media. Can we ever elect another president if the Media does not back off and get out of the election process? If you believe what the allegedly very biased media says, then you may not be very well informed, in fact just about every media source out there […]

  • Will Ron Paul derail

    Will Ron Paul derail the chance for the republicans to win if he chooses to run as an independent? It is possible but you have to wonder if the man really loves this country and respects the process, (if you dont win as a republican) The idea that you can get a second chance as […]