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  • indoctrination Core

    Common Core, we have seen both sides of this argument, the teachers are saying that its good really and that students need to think about how to solve a problem not just how to do the math.  There is a real problem here, because that is a LIE.  The teachers or whomever in accountable for […]

  • skewed polls more bad math?

    Are we seeing more bad math in the assumption of many polls that show an unrealistic lead for the democratic candidate with many news companies reporting this as fact when it might not be could it be further proof that the media may not be trustworthy. If you believe the media there is no real […]

  • fixing the figures of jobs

    The jobs numbers are out once again and you see the talking heads bobbling on abut how this and that happened, and how they figured out the math on the figures they posted is something beyond fuzzy in fact it is downright insulting to the average intelligence of every voter in the United states.   [kc_heading_pac_3_headline_1 […]

  • great depression?

    Can we avoid a second great depression? If we do not avoid it, will it be even worse now that it was back in 1929? A great friend who lived through the first great depression told me that this time it would be a lot worse. She said that back in the days of the […]