fixing the figures of jobs

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The jobs numbers are out once again and you see the talking heads bobbling on abut how this and that happened, and how they figured out the math on the figures they posted is something beyond fuzzy in fact it is downright insulting to the average intelligence of every voter in the United states. 

 [kc_heading_pac_3_headline_1 size=”55″ color=”#333333″ ]12.4 percent ?..[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_1]

So what is the true unemployment number some say it could be in reality about 12 to 15 percent others say it might actually be more like 25 percent one thing for sure just about everybody knows someone that is effected by this job situation and when you do not count those that are actually out of work you cannot do anything but be  a liar.

Just take a walk in any larger town and you will see people walking everywhere because they dont have a car and they dont have Gas to put in that car they do not have jobs, they do not have money and they do not have any way to get any money, the value of the dollar is low and no one is buying much of anything so in reality much of what we see in the news is not accurate at all.

Try this out seriously look around if your uncomfortable walking stay in your car and stay safe no matter what because it is dangerous out there trust me on that one, if your walking around unaware you could get in trouble fast a quick look at the crime stats will tell you everything you need to know about the state of jobs and unemployment in this nation.

Were on the edge and people are nervous, they look for leadership in a congress that has none, not the republicans or the democrats its like they just do not know what to do to fix this mess.

One thing for sure you need to make sure that you vote in November…