Time for Juan Williams to eat his hat

Here we go Juan Williams is having a hard time with the serving of crow that is definitely coming his way.

He is currently speaking about how he cannot understand what is happening.

What is happening here is that for many democrats the reality of being disconnected from the real world is about to become more clear.

What is really interesting here is that Micheal Moore may be right.

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When you think about the press you should be thinking about reality however there is a huge level of Non Trust between the public and the Media.

In short most people no longer trust the media or the press or the broadcast media specifically.

Yet, Tax dollars support some of these agencies.

It can be a serious conflict of interest to have a political agenda when delivering the news.

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Will the Black Community stand behind Juan Williams?

We have to say that if this were a white Tea party supporter, who fired Juan Williams, there were now be protests all over Atlanta Ga, and yes, it might even be more…

Where is the EEOC

Where is the NAACP

Why will they not stand up for Juan Williams?

Where is the ACLU?

But where is all the outrage, when a man who was the only Black Male personality on the air for NPR, and he was fired for no good reason, yet, they can call him names, and suggest that he is crazy.

If the shoe here were on the other foot, as the old saying goes, This White woman, who fired Juan Williams would be a Racist.

So, here is the big question, if this were done by someone that was in the tea party they would be a racist,

That is what they are saying, the NAACP, but it was not someone from the tea party, it was someone from their own ranks.

It was someone from the left, that said those hateful things about Juan.

I think that is evil NPR should not get one single dollar of additional tax money and they should have to repay all the money they took this year and last year. That would be millions and millions of dollars, that went where? What did that money go for?

Who did that money benefit? Democrats? We need to understand what is going on with this evil and it needs to be fixed, there can be no double standard, it is time to stand up and be counted, when the liars, lie, the truth will out, in the end the truth is what it is, say what you will but the truth can never lie.

But they wont, of course not, the thing here that is so disturbing, is that the left can play the race card when ever they want to, even when it is a lie, as in the case of the NAACP stating that the tea party is racist.

But you know what, it really looks like NPR is racist, now that is a story, and it is a real story, not made up by some marginal publishing house.

So here is the deal, when you cry wolf about racism, so many times, until the times when it really happens, a white woman has fired the only black employee, at a federal sponsored organization, so where is the race card?

Where is the racism charges, they can do it when there is no evidence, right, they can do it at the drop of a hat right?

So, what up?

You can do it when its a lie, but you cant do it when its true?

Does that mean that all liberals are liars, and that anything they say is backward of the actual truth?

Meaning that she is the one that needs mental help right, if thats it then I agree, she needs to go.

Fire this woman.

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Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams will wonders never cease?

Ok most of the time every word that comes out of the mouth of Bob Beckel, we don’t agree with, but I feel good after watching the Factor today, because Bob did the right thing.

Now for the most part, every time I see ol Bob, I know that some kind of trash is about to come out of his mouth, and you could tell he hated to agree with the consensus, which was well, it was entertaining to watch how he felt and the emotions he went through over the course of that story but in the end.

He stood up for Juan Williams, it is time to put an end to NPR because they are no longer a real media company, allegedly.

Earlier we saw where some hack writer, posted on the huffington post a piece about how they felt that Juan should have been fired, now I do not know how anyone in their right mind, (oh sorry its the Huff puff and I will blow your house down website) sorry, I guess you get what you pay for, on that rag, but you know what, this is racism straight up, no other way to say it, they fired the only Black male on the air, now it is only for white people or is that true?

Either way, I think that the amount of money coming into NPR will drop dramatically and one thing that has been a long time coming no more public Tax dollars supporting a company that has only one point of view a liberal one.

Tax dollars should not go to NPR period.


NPR racist?

Is NPR racist?

Can it be true?

Could they be alleged, Racists?

In what world would a white person fire the only Black man in its employ as a news person.

This is Evil and NPR should be shut down they are no longer a real communications company they are allegedly a left wing organization that may have violated the law.

The world wants to know, allegedly CEO Vivian shiller, allegedly fired Juan Williams after he expressed his right to free speech.

This is an amazing thing, NPR allegedly Stands for National Public Radio.

What is wrong with an organization that fires the only black male on the air over his right to free speech?

That my friends as Garaflo, would allegedly say is Racism Straight up…

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Huckabee boycott of NPR?

In so many ways this news story is allegedly what NPR is all about how does that make you feel about an organization that takes your tax dollars and uses it to support the liberal alleged agenda.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he will no longer appear on National Public Radio until the organization stops practicing “censorship” and called on Congress to cut NPR’s funding.

Sarah Palin also is calling for this as well as many other media figures, this is the worst issue in a decade and allegedly NPR does not care, why is that?

Where does the money come from because there are laws that protect our radio stations from foreign, take over, allegedly these law prohibit the take over of American radio stations, is NPR guilty?

Read more here

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White Woman, Calls Black man crazy?

Ok, now this is a crazy story but and I repeat for those that are used to listening to NPR, is this woman fit to be the CEO of NPR?

Where is the NAACP, they can play the race card at every opportunity, when it benefits them politically, but when it really happens like with Juan Williams, then silence?

My friends this is why you can no longer trust these organizations that are only in existence for one thing and that is to uphold one point of view the liberal one, all other points of view are not to be tolerated, yet they preach that we should be tolerant?

The sad thing is that they are the ones that need to be tolerant, they are the ones that need to stop being bigoted.


Vivian Schiller suggest Juan Williams is mentally ill?

No way this just happened, and they are not filling up the buses with protesters?

I mean, where is all the anger, the outrage, all the crazy marching in the streets?

Did a White Woman just say that Juan Williams is not as smart as she is?
is that what she suggested because, this is really scary, when this kind of thing can happen.

Did this just happen in the United States of America?

a White Woman, Firing a Black man, and then suggesting that the same black man is mentally ill by stating that he should be talking to a psychiatrist?

If there is any justice in this world this will not pass.

This is insane, This Woman needs to resign right now.

In what world does this kind of thing happen then they turn around and insult then insult the listeners intelligence.

Fire Vivian Schiller.

These people are allegedly sick and should be fired.

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Did NPR break any Federal laws?

Now this may not be popular but I can tell you one thing, this is evil, when they fired Juan Williams, they really made a serious mistake, plus accepting money from foreign contributors could be a federal crime?

We want to know for sure, one thing remains clear, NPR is no longer a public radio station, they should be called nationalist Private Radio, The CEO needs to be fired, and anyone under her that participated in this alleged racism.

Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams and has stated that he will no be supporting NPR financially.

We feel the same way, All tax dollars need to be revoked by congress in fact if there were justice they would be required to return the millions of dollars they have already received.

NPR, could be allegedly called national Public Racists, how about that for a handle, this is sick and it makes you want to puke.


Juan Williams Fired for what?

Juan Williams was fired reported by Fox news, and a lot of people want to know why that is?

We have in the past supported NPR, though we did not always agree with the distorted opinions they have but still it seems really wrong for tax dollars to go to support a group that is so obviously estranged from the American point of view.

We did not always agree with Juan Williams, but nothing he said was wrong, in fact, as someone else suggested when they see men dressed in Gang Affiliations, colors and dress they also feel aware of their surroundings.

Nothing wrong with that, just the same as if someone said any other opinion, Juan is owed an apology.

Either way NPR has lost all respect in this decision.