Vivian Schiller suggest Juan Williams is mentally ill?

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No way this just happened, and they are not filling up the buses with protesters?

I mean, where is all the anger, the outrage, all the crazy marching in the streets?

Did a White Woman just say that Juan Williams is not as smart as she is?
is that what she suggested because, this is really scary, when this kind of thing can happen.

Did this just happen in the United States of America?

a White Woman, Firing a Black man, and then suggesting that the same black man is mentally ill by stating that he should be talking to a psychiatrist?

If there is any justice in this world this will not pass.

This is insane, This Woman needs to resign right now.

In what world does this kind of thing happen then they turn around and insult then insult the listeners intelligence.

Fire Vivian Schiller.

These people are allegedly sick and should be fired.