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  • Isis Threat still present?

    Is Isis still a threat? The truth about the troubles in the mid east may be that isis may be very difficult to dislodge with the most recent invasion of Kobani one thing is clear when there is a will to fight the impossible becomes possible. It seems as if Turkey wanted to see a […]

  • ISIS threat nears Turkey…

    A Border city is fighting for its life amid overwhelming odds and as they seek help from anyone that is willing to stand against this ISIS threat. The fighting has reached the streets of this very important town of Kobani. Many in the media have downplayed this very serious issue as a small town, however […]

  • 49 senators voted to end freedom of speech

    You just cant make this stuff up and that is something that is really scary. Source. At a time of extraordinary challenges across the globe and here at home, we are not gathered in the United States Senate to discuss how to confront the threat if ISIS. We’re not gathered in the United States Senate […]