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Send them Packing

It is time to get out and vote, because if you do not, then don’t complain about how you don’t like what is going on in Washington.

Dear Patriot,

We are making a big final push for conservative victory on November 2nd.  We are asking for your help and people from all over the country are responding.  Yesterday we raised more than $15,000 and today we are optimistic that we will do even better.  This election is too important, failure is not an option.  Do the right thing and help us make the critical difference in races across the country by making a contribution and/or forwarding this email to everyone you know!

We haven’t backed down from the tough races.  We are challenging powerful entrenched incumbents and we are confident that on November 2nd WE THE PEOPLE will be heard!  After you make your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more, you will know on November 3rd that you helped us put the brakes on the radical agenda being pushed by Obama and his enablers in congress.  This isn’t about helping Republicans return to power, this is about sending a message to all of Washington that business as usual is OVER!

This is only the beginning, in 2012 we will continue to take the fight to radical liberals and establishment Republicans.  Besides defeating liberal Democrats we are determined to defeat Republicans Lyndsey Graham and Susan Collins the same way we defeated Lisa Murkowski and Bob Bennett.  Our success this week will be the launching point for even more success in 2012.

Can you hear us now President Obama?

Your support has inspired us and that is why we are excited that two of you will be joining us in Las Vegas for election night.  We wish we could bring all of the great patriots who have supported our efforts.

What we can do is bring two of the people who step up and make a contribution of $50 or more between now and Wednesday at midnight to Las Vegas to watch the returns with us.  We understand that every contribution is a sacrifice and we are happy to reward two of you for making a difference!  For more details click HERE


election results

This year is going to be very interesting for politics, simply because we are looking at what could be a huge back lash on incumbents, you know those that have been up there getting fat on the tax payer dime for years and years.

The time is getting closer, November to be exact, While some may claim that all the liberals will be voted out of office, that may not be the case, however, it is clear that the people want to be heard and who can blame them.

Why do politicians choose not to listen to the people?

That is something that is just down right puzzling to me, because all the polls showed, that health care was not important to the people, and the people made it plain they did not want it, yet the politicians did what they wanted.

They ignored the people at the town hall meetings, calling them names?

What?  No sane politician would do that right?


blumenthal the truth behind the lies

Jokes politics and immaturity…

One thing on this story is disturbing, well OK perhaps more than one thing, it is disturbing that there may be people serving in our state government that are not only immature, but have problems with the truth, ok, yes, ok, so what is new about that, well for one thing, the person that represents the legal duties of all the people in an entire state, had better be well acquainted with the truth.

In order for that person to be qualified to do their duty to the state and the people of that state do they not need to have common sense, and if there is a problem, an alleged mental problem, then they need treatment for that problem.

If this happened to any one of us, we would be

1. Fired from our jobs, lying about service in theater is a bad thing, but lying to the American people?

You know one thing that democrats, republicans, and independents, have in common, they do not like liars.

One person said everyone deserves a second chance, but you know it is not really about second chances, here, the real issue is can the guy be trusted?

With all the political jokes about how you know when a dishonest politician, is lying?

His lips are moving…

Sorry, but you know what this guy is the worst candidate in the history of the senate.

But dont get me wrong I feel sorry for the guy, but I just cant see putting another dishonest politician in washington, we just do not need this kind of man in washington, that is why incumbents are being voted out of office, look for single digit poll numbers for this guy if he does not apologize NOW…

That is perhaps the worst thing, here the guy defends his dishonesty as a choice of words issue, you know if this guy was a republican the liberals would be running their mouths non stop.

about how the man must resign and apologize…