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  • Immigration bill passes house GOP are done?

     Is the GOP done in Politics?   This was the question put forth on one of the media “talking head” spin doctors you see all the time, they say things that make no sense they think things that are just ignorance personified. Can the GOP win another election? But are they right, did the GOP […]

  • immigration cloture?

    Imagine you have the most important law ever passed and they release it on Friday and on Monday they hope to find a way to push yet another bill through congress that has not been read…  

  • Immigration issues, will the constitution win or loose?

    As many of you may already know there is a move in the congress to push through an immigration bill that would create some very serious problems for Americans all over the country. As many more of you may not know it is being pushed by just 8 people. The one thing the news should […]

  • Fast and Furious backfired?

    What should we learn from mistakes we make?   Should Eric Holder be held responsible for the deaths of citizens and border patrol agents that may have been killed because of this issue. More calls for Eric Holder to resign amid allegations that he may have willfully lied to congress. Considering the mountain of evidence […]

  • Dream Act now dead?

    Will this dream die, many people sort of hope so, but what is this really is there some kind of serious proposal at all. Are we dreaming, or is this some kind of crazy stuff, you just have to wonder. When will the democrats learn, that the real world is not inside their heads? Immigration, […]