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AOL Biased by liberals

Is AOL now a biased news company as it is suggested by the headline reported below on fox business new?

Some Advertisers Are Already Freaking Out About AOL’s New “Liberal” Bias

I think the answer to that question is perhaps not to be found on a website or even on AOL but in their quarterly financial statement, which will tell the true tale about how many Americans are actually left of center and how many voting Americans are right of center, most of all the polling data solidly suggests that America is actually center of right, yet we have so many small minded news companies that seem to either not care what everyone wants or they just think they are smarter than anyone else and everyone else is just too dumb to think for themselves.

Either way it adds up to something that I know a fair number of my friends that have been on AOL for years will soon be up to canceling their accounts at AOL, simply because they are not left of center.

All in all the overly cinematic, published post of the Huff and I will Puff Arianna Huffington, seem to show that AOL is willing to risk its Advertising base to see just how far they can push the envelope.

I suspect they will find that in the real world moving to the left will not be a welcomed move for many of its customers or of its advertisers, and last but not least its stock holders.

I wonder what Aol is trading at today?

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Liberals go back in time to haunt Palin

Ok, folks this is just about the most stupid thing I have ever heard of, in the most recent attempt to smear Sarah Palin they go back to the 12 Century to dig up a long un-used word, called blood libel, If we were actually still in the 12th century then I would understand but this is 2011 and if you have to go back that far into history to find something to complain about your one sad individual.

Some (historians) who likely do not live in the same historical world as modern man were said to be “allegedly Greatly offended” Really, if that were the case then you could compare olde English with modern English and be offended until the end of time.

This is yet another FAILURE, of the liberal left, to smear a good person using a nonsensical argument that is just plain insulting to the intelligent people of this planet, perhaps even the universe.

When will the liberals learn that people are not as stupid as they think?

When will they begin to understand that just because someone yells wolf, does not mean it is the truth.

We are the people, and we are no longer the uneducated, ignorant people that the liberals wish that we were.

We are educated and we can think for ourselves, we do not need to be told what to eat or what to wear, we are smart enough to do our own thinking.

It is really sad that they grasp as straws in an attempt to smear those that they do not like, because they have no real personality of their own.

Once again we the people have not been fooled, so huff and puff if you wish but you will not blow down our house, in the end we know you as the wolf and we are hip to your lies and your hypocrisy.

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Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams will wonders never cease?

Ok most of the time every word that comes out of the mouth of Bob Beckel, we don’t agree with, but I feel good after watching the Factor today, because Bob did the right thing.

Now for the most part, every time I see ol Bob, I know that some kind of trash is about to come out of his mouth, and you could tell he hated to agree with the consensus, which was well, it was entertaining to watch how he felt and the emotions he went through over the course of that story but in the end.

He stood up for Juan Williams, it is time to put an end to NPR because they are no longer a real media company, allegedly.

Earlier we saw where some hack writer, posted on the huffington post a piece about how they felt that Juan should have been fired, now I do not know how anyone in their right mind, (oh sorry its the Huff puff and I will blow your house down website) sorry, I guess you get what you pay for, on that rag, but you know what, this is racism straight up, no other way to say it, they fired the only Black male on the air, now it is only for white people or is that true?

Either way, I think that the amount of money coming into NPR will drop dramatically and one thing that has been a long time coming no more public Tax dollars supporting a company that has only one point of view a liberal one.

Tax dollars should not go to NPR period.

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Huffington post allegedly smears Palin?

Why do they hate her?  Why cant they just get along?

There are words we have heard from the left for years and years, ” Why cant we all just get along”

Well what happened to that, because it appears that left if all about why cant we just kill anyone that opposes us?

What has she done to them personally that they feel the need to attack her so fiercely.

In a recent series of posts, it appears that the huff buff, is all in a tizzy about Sarah Palin, for some reason they feel threatened.

But in all reality, Sarah has never done anything to them, yet, they seem to be foaming at the mouth, again allegedly.

After looking a post where the dubious author seems to bear a grudge against Sarah, allegedly, it looks like just pure hate speech.

So in reality and this is a big one folks, is the huffing-ton puff puff I will blow your house down alleged threats, hate speech?

After so many years, of people trying to get hate as a criminal offense, it may well back fire on them…

A lot of people have to ask the question is the huff buff, really a legitimate source of news in a world where they may actually attempt to silence anyone that does not agree with their point of view.

Just go in there sometime and disagree with them and see how fast they turn on you.

I think it is allegedly silly, but then who really cares what they do, the more they talk about Sarah Palin the more popular she gets, you know if the media could just shut up about her, she would not be anywhere near as popular as she is, but they allegedly cant seem to stop them selves from telling alleged, lies.

Any way you stack it any way you slice it the more they talk about her the more popular she gets.

So keep on keeping on…

If you do you will be the main reason she gets elected.

Help elect Sarah Palin,

apology mistake bad health care banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa bill clinton for president

Huffington Bans comments that are not liberal enough?

Ill Huff and Ill Puff and Ill get mad and take my ball home…

Ok, now what is up with this allegedly, if you look on the tree huggington post, Opps, did I get that wrong, excuse me, thats huffington post, (allegedly) you will see nothing but liberal comments.

If you dare to descent, you will be banned, again allegedly, now that really makes you wonder, when they start attacking the number one female in the polls, telling lies, I mean nasty stuff, that you would not tell you mother at lunch.

One has to wonder, what is wrong with people that act this way?

I cant figure them out, but what ever they are, allegedly, no one really likes them.

You just have to wonder, about political propaganda on the internet.

All you can do is just laugh at them…