Tarantino done?

Amazing stuff here.

One of the most violent directors in hollywood…

No telling how many people have suffered?


Interview movie nightmare

You have to wonder how hollywood could do something like this.

When funny is not funny.

Well the chickens have come back to roost.

When you think about the kind of sick mentality that is required to think up a movie plot like this one, it sort of makes it hard to figure out what hollywood “thinks” is entertainment.



the interview just desserts for hollywood?

The Hollywood culture is one that has long been one that just does not fit in with the rest of society.

Which is an interesting statement if you think about how Hollywood often seems intent on making statements on how “They” feel that society should be.

In all honesty the movie “the interview” is not really all that appealing, its not the kind of movie that most people would have gone to see anyway.

The thing here that is interesting is that Holly wood, did not seem to understand that making a movie about murdering a real person that is yet alive, is not a good thing to do in the first place.

You can see how the Hollywood culture is bent and not in line with the “real world” its obvious to the rest of the world.

Just as watching a drunk at a party while your sober, it can be fun for a while but after a while its downright depressing.

Holly wood is drunk on the success it has enjoyed over the years but the biggest problem they do not seem to understand right now is the fact that their point of view is less appealing to the world.

They do not seem to get that at all.

Which is why movies like this one end up in production when they should have gone back and thought about it some more before moving forward.

But thats HollyWood, )


CNN portrays Duck Dynasty in bad light?

So what do you think, Facebook has exploded into a huge controversy that is growing every day most people are sick and tired of all the crap that is going on day after day, you can embrace one way of life and disrespect another and no one cares but say anything a bout people in hollywood and how trashy they live and you have done gone and done it now. 

LOL, its really funny…

CNN makes a statement like, Duck Dynasty under fire?

What is that?

Seems like the real statement is more like A&E Fs up. 

A&E is stupid, full of trolls and hates americans

because they are not americans. 

But why would they do that?

Are they American at all?




Media Magic or Media Evil

You so often see this ignorance in the Media where they attempt to influence your thinking much like the famous scene from the Star Wars Movies where the weak minded were basically controlled by words and the Force of Course.


So why do they do this, is it because they truly think that people really believe everything they see and hear on TV or Cable?  Does Hollywood really believe that we do not see through the thinly veiled politically motivated junk and trash they put out on a regular basis?

Here is an example from Fox News, (source)

The number of individuals applying for first-time jobless benefits rose to 333,000 last week from an upwardly-revised 328,000 the week prior. Economists expected claims to rise to 336,000 from an initially reported 326,000. The four-week moving average, which helps smooth volatility in the weekly readings, fell to its lowest level since November 2007.

Now just before this news update, Fox News posted this news story.

The Labor Department reports nonfarm payrolls rose by 171,000 in October from September, surpassing the 125,000 expected. The unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 7.9% from 7.8%, as expected.

So, lets look at this clearly, it appears that the math used by some of these sources is just wrong…

Or said another way, deceptive, ignorant, misleading, and yes, Lies…

Why is that?

Every other week, you see lies, presented as the truth, then later they tell some portion of the truth but they do not say anything about the other lies that lead up to a partial disclosure of the truth.

Why do they do this and its not just Fox either, some do not even print or publish the revised but fuzzy math that they publish in the first place.

Do not journalists have a responsibility not to publish ignorant lies?

ban anti christians

Merry Christmas allegedly is not covered by media?

Christmas, is about tradition, but also it is about a story, about a babe in a manger, about the religious beliefs of hundreds of millions of people, this nation was founded on that belief.

It is why we have in God we trust on our money.

So what is up with this, there is no coverage for Christmas this year.

Over the last three years there has been a movie that was about the Christmas season.

But not this year, thanks Hollywood.

It is really interesting, because what we are watching is Politically Corruptness in high gear, so what now its unpopular to celebrate Christmas?

Why is that?

We have to ask because it seems that this idea that you cant have freedom of religion, in this nation which was founded on that premise, that my friends is a sickness and a disease, when you exclude everything, in our lives, that reminds us of Christmas, what does that do really?

No I mean it think about it, what does that do, why should I care about buying presents for the “holidays” a holiday is not special, it is not anything, it is generic.

An alleged 70 percent of toy sales are done during the “Christmas” season.

Which means that if these jerks want your money for Christmas Gifts, perhaps they might consider the idea that if they are successful in killing Christmas, will they not also kill an entire industry of gift giving?

The answer to that is also Yes, they would kill a multi million dollar seasonal tradition which has been a part of the American lifestyle for many many years.

So does that really make any sense at all?

Think about it, if all the people in the world just abandon Christmas, and the season because it might offend one person then millions of jobs would be lost, hundreds of thousands of people would starve to death, because do Christmas soup kitchens serve thousands of meals during the Christmas season?

What would happen to all those people because if a Christmas tree is offensive to one person in Texas and so the Bank Chase allegedly demands that all Christmas trees be removed, how does that really help anyone?

That is what is wrong with this country, no one is thinking, the lights on in congress but no one is home.


machete racist?

Is the movie Machete a Racist, depiction of the white race?

What do you think of an industry that attempts to allegedly start a race riot?

Does Hollywood think that we the people are stupid?

You have to wonder what they were thinking, do they want to influence the behavior of our national border problem?

Sure it is only a movie but in all reality, there are people out there that do not see movies as just entertainment, they see movies as an extension of someone else’s reality. This is bad news for the movie industry, yet another alleged, bad mark on many actors score cards.

What were they thinking? Who knows for sure…

This film is an insult to “Real” Americans.

Why do they do this kind of stuff, because they can does not mean they should.