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Tea Party Blues

 What will happen to America without true men who can tell no lie…


Ok for those of us that wonder about the tea party and its future here is an update.


Those who think the Tea Party is dead or gone “straight to hell” as Rep. Maxine Waters wanted were not with us in Tampa on Sunday when more than 3000 people braved threats of violence from radical leftist groups and a potential hurricane to attend our Unity Rally 2012! This was the first major rally this year and the you could feel the enthusiasm from the crowd as they listened to Tea Party leaders including Herman Cain and Rep. Michelle Bachmann talking about the strength our grassroots movement brings to the political process.

I am reminded of the sacrifice our Founding Fathers made when they made the difficult decision to fight against a tyrannical monarch to gain independence from the British Crown. Instead of accepting their lives being controlled by a distant central government they risked life and fortunes on the dream of creating a just and free society. America was born from these ideals and the principle that each individual is best at determining their future, not government.

After more than 225 years of liberty, these principles are in danger of being overrun by politicians who have decided that they can make better decisions on how you should live your life than you can yourself. This is not the American way and we are leading the charge to stop them!

If our organization could print money like our government has been doing, we would not have to ask everyday Americans to give what they can so we can fight well funded special interests and those who benefit from controlling corrupt politicians. For the last several decades “We the People” have been too busy raising families and working to achieve a better life to be involved in the political process, trusting those we elected to protect the values that created our republic. Now that we know the truth, it is clear that that we are the only thing standing between “our America” and the vision liberals have of what they want our country to be.

Together, we can win but we need your support. The Unity Rally was a great success but only a small part of the mission to take back our country in November. It is difficult to raise the money we need to fight but I know we can count on you to give what you can because failure is simply not an option. You can contribute by clicking –Here–

Our grandchildren will ether remember us as the generation that saved the American dream for them or stood silent while it died. How do you want to be remembered? Alone, it is hard for an individual to make a difference but like our forefathers, together we are unstoppable. Will you help us?




Herman Cain accusations

True or not, Racist or not,

Is this just a liberal agenda to put as many republican candidates
out of the running as they can?

Who will be next, will they find something no one knows about Mitt Romney?

What about Newt Gingrinch, or will they just make something up entirely?

double standard, lying fools?

Does it matter at all?  Has the media become such Ham Foisted liars that they can no longer
accurately report the news because of bias?

The truth is that we are human and we make mistakes, there is not a man or woman alive that has not made
a mistake that the media could not claim makes them unfit, but then there is the Blue Dress.

If your a democrat its private and makes no difference, see that is the double standard that turns Americas stomach. 

The lying, Cheating, liberal Scumbags, that sit behind desks thinking up the next round of lies and liberal debauchery.

All the while doing worse things in their own private lives than any of the candidates
would even think about doing. 

Double Standard, its enough to make you sick, its enough to make you not want to watch TV, to not want to buy Advertising, to not want to buy the products advertised on those networks at all.


Herman Cain

A man with common sense…

A man who knows how to turn a business into a profitable enterprise…

A man who can understand that making the difficult choices may be the only way to get the job done…

Now this man is what we need for America.

A Candidate, who is not a politician, because we have seen what career politicians have done to America.

A man who is not afraid to stand up to idiots that seek to destroy our nation.

The Florida Straw Poll Winner, what this says is that Americans are sick and tired of politicians.

This is a good sign that people are getting tired of being lied to by politicians who evade questions and

Fail to tell the truth, they say things that they do not mean, they make promises they never intend to keep.


Herman Cain

the 999 plan is it really as simple as that?

Solving problems? 

Now that is something that we need to do is solve problems.


Manipulating Media

What if one day they passed a law to protect elections from the biased media?

Is the media manipulating voters using unfair methods and tactics?

In this modern age of information and quick and easy publications, you might wonder how the media expects to get away with attempting to manipulating and thought control using psychological messengers.

Yet the media has been doing this including Fox news, the news outlet that claims to be “Fair and balanced”

When you consider this type of issue you have to wonder, is it really fair to the American people?

Imagine how interesting it might be if the media were banned from unfairly influencing the outcome of an election?

  You really have to wonder just why the media is allowed to engage in this type of activity because it really is not fair, a good example would be Herman Cain, recently Fox news did a comparison that basically stated that Cain could not get elected.

Now is that fair?

The answer is No it is not fair.


A few words in the right place and you go from top of the polls to the bottom, and the media has far too much control over this process.


biased Chris Wallace

Amazing, this guy sounds like a liberal, I think that he is a closet liberal and is not even a little conservative, just amazing how this guy tries to pretend but in reality he is just not well informed, so Chris Wallace is what a liberal?

So strange in how he asks his questions.

I like the audiences reaction to a question to Herman Cain…

He makes sense and that is a good thing…

That dog wont hunt…

I like his no nonsense attitudes that is really what we need a man who is not a politician.

fire them all

Time to fire some people

He is so out of touch that he insisted that America’s credit rating would not be lowered, only to see S&P do exactly that and downgrade our debt rating.

He pushed for higher taxes on the American people even though he failed to pay his own taxes! He pushed through tens of billions of dollars in backdoor bailouts to banks, and then tried to cover it up.

For these, and many other reasons, we join with Senator Jim DeMint, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Jim Bunning, Congressman Connie Mack, presidential candidate Herman Cain and many others in demanding that Timothy Geithner be fired from his position as U.S. Treasury Secretary.

The United States simply cannot afford to have Timothy Geithner do any more damage to our economy and our country.


Herman Cain

Could Herman Cain be the man to Beat Obama?
It might be closer to the truth than you think the real indication will be when the liberals start to attack him.

Find out more about Herman Cain at his website.

When the do that you will know that Herman Cain is a contender.

A man of the land and not the concrete of the big cities, A man who can understand what Real Americans face in their every day lives, a man who might just be able to win…