Manipulating Media

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What if one day they passed a law to protect elections from the biased media?

Is the media manipulating voters using unfair methods and tactics?

In this modern age of information and quick and easy publications, you might wonder how the media expects to get away with attempting to manipulating and thought control using psychological messengers.

Yet the media has been doing this including Fox news, the news outlet that claims to be “Fair and balanced”

When you consider this type of issue you have to wonder, is it really fair to the American people?

Imagine how interesting it might be if the media were banned from unfairly influencing the outcome of an election?

  You really have to wonder just why the media is allowed to engage in this type of activity because it really is not fair, a good example would be Herman Cain, recently Fox news did a comparison that basically stated that Cain could not get elected.

Now is that fair?

The answer is No it is not fair.


A few words in the right place and you go from top of the polls to the bottom, and the media has far too much control over this process.