Media talking points?

Do the media have talking points and if they do is that really what the media should be doing?

Think about it, how can the media report on the news if they have points that they want to achieve that may preclude the proper reporting of the news. 

 Over the last two days, the media have all had one talking point including Fox News along with NBC, allegedly these talking points have all been the same, that republicans will be shutting down the Government. 

All these talking points have one problem. 

It is not true…

It is a lie. 

The truth about a government shutdown if it happens at all is that Harry Reid is the one that has started this. 

The democrats are the ones that created this situation, but yet the Media want to lie about that fact, Why?

The Media should not be taking sides, simply because the media are not the American people. 

They have no right to do what they have been doing, it is time to put some limits on what the media can do. 

Because if we allow them to lie to the public when no one else has this luxury, then we will never be a free public. 





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Obama Care is it Good or is it bad?

Some people say that Obama care is good other say its bad.

The truth is we may never know because some are saying that the Affordable Care Act, could cause the downfall of the American Way of Life.

   Is Obama Care real or is it all just a scam? 

If it is real where is it?  Have you seen it?  Do you know someone that needs health care but cannot get it?

If you do happen to see Obama Care can you let us know because I have a friend that needs a tumor removed from her back before it kills her and so far we cant find Obama care anywhere and we have been looking for it everywhere, its been two years, yet we cant find it, when do you think it might show up to the table because my friend is running out of time and I sure hope Obama Care shows up soon…

Source Washington Post

Sen. Cruz extends attack on Obamacare into Wednesday morning

By and , Updated: Wednesday, September 25, 8:17 AM

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) sustained a marathon talking attack on President Obama’s health-care law overnight and showed no sign of stopping well into Wednesday morning — a feat of stamina that likely will complicate House GOP efforts to pass a funding bill aimed at averting a looming government shutdown.

The freshman senator took the floor Tuesday afternoon promising to speak “until I am no longer able to stand,” and proceeded to do just that, with occasional assistance from a handful of Republican colleagues.

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Shut down Washington

Is it time to Shut them down and Vote them out of office?

This is the time to figure out what the deal is…

Time to figure out who is telling the truth and who is a liar…

If this is not the hope and change you voted for it is time to vote them all out of office.



This is just really mind boggling,

if it is true what is going on in Washington?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Received in an email.

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I don’t call that a recovery.

Plus, we keep hearing of unemployment levels dropping. But that’s just because our “underemployment” levels are at a historic high. The underemployed are the faithful citizens who will take any job to pay the bills, even if it is only a few hours a week for a fraction of what they were once compensated.

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Shut it down?

Is this the End of Washington?

Should we look for the sky to fall?

Where is Chicken Little?

So should we be worried, if you watch the news, you might have noticed the overly dramatic rendition of oh my chicken little the sky is falling, but seriously folks, this is not the first time that Government has been shut down and guess what we survived it the last time, but sadly the high and mighty press seems to not be able to report on the news any more.

I have to ask, do they think we are all stupid?

I can google this, The 1995 “shutdown” of the United States federal government was the result of a conflict between Democratic President Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress over funding for Medicare, education, the environment and public health. It took place after Clinton vetoed the spending bill which Congress sent him.

So, wait lets, see the last time this happened, it was the democrats that started it right?

So, then if we examine this more carefully are we not in the same situation right now as we were back in 1995? The answer has to be a big fat yes, Yet, the fair and ballerina media cannot report this fact?

Dear Patriot,

We’re being inundated with news about the Federal government’s budget negotiations and a potential government shutdown. Not surprisingly, the Democrats have no desire to cut spending and limit government’s reach. Republicans have proposed a budget that would trim $6 trillion over the next 10 years, which is clearly quite a bit better, but that breaks out to a cut of only around $600 billion a year. Our annual budget shortfall is about $1.6 trillion!

The only budget proposal that actually balances the budget came from Sen. Rand Paul, whose proposal balances the budget within 5 five years, and has the government running a surplus by 2016. If we ever hope to see another truly balanced budget, it’s obvious that we need to elect more Tea Party candidates. Help us elect Tea Party conservatives by making a donation –HERE–

In 2011, the only chance for us to replace a liberal Democrat with a true Tea Party conservative is the Kentucky Governor’s race. The Tea Party candidate in the race is Phil Moffett, a successful businessman who understands the importance of efficiency and balanced budgets. Our comprehensive independent expenditure campaign on his behalf will involve broadcast ads, an earned media campaign, and putting staff on the ground in Kentucky to help rally grassroots support. To help us elect a true Tea Party conservative as Governor of Kentucky, please make a contribution –HERE–

The liberals in the media continually question whether the Tea Party is still alive and able to influence elections. We cannot let them continue spouting this nonsense! It’s up to us to prove that Tea Party candidates can still win! Help us prove the liberals wrong by clicking this

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shut down of 1995

So wait this is not the first time this has happened, but do we not know our own history?

Or is it due to faulty reporting by so called fair and balanced reporters?

So what is up with the lack of coverage on this topic?

Why is the Media not covering this news story, is it not news that we have faced government shut down before and magically the world did not end? Why is the media not covering this news story and what does that say about a news company that will not cover the news are they really a news company or are they an entertainment company instead.

arlen spector arlen speter arrogant america bad health care Bail Out banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa biased fox news Biased polls bogus news bogus news coverage cnn common sense constitution constitutional constitutional states rights

Is this the end?

Will we survive a Government shut down, some say yes, others say no, but if history has anything to say about it, we know this has happened before, so what is up with all the fear mongering, and who is really at the bottom of all the drama.