Bionic Bird?

It is really hard to imagine that we are about to see a huge increase in Technology…

It is after all something that we have been waiting to see for a long time.

It may actually be about to happen…

You can actually buy this bionic bird but don’t click the link its just there to show you some of the new technology that is out there and some of the ways that technology may be about to change the way we think and do business in a very radical way.

Bionic Bird

For the rest of you, Technology is said to dramatically increase every certain number of years, just like in the early 1900s people were mesmerized by how you could keep things cold without depending on a cellar, yes I know thats corny but its really true when Gasoline was invented people were amazed at what happened, Cars, even simple tasks like cutting the grass were made easy…

Check out this video..

Are We are about to see that kind of amazing jump in technology that made a lot of people very wealthy?

Have you ever watched a movie like Back to the Future and you were amazed at how everything was so different in the past as compared to the future…

Did you ever catch yourself thinking about how great it would be if someone in the past could see a huge money making opportunity and take advantage of it?

The truth is we may be on the cutting edge of an electronic break through that makes cell phones look like the technology of the past.

In some ways this could be like watching the movie 1984 if that logic does not make sense think about some of the other ways this type of technology might impact your privacy…

Check here to see some of the new technology that is out there you can get your hands on today.

What about a Bionic Bird that can See and record video?

Ok, now were taking right…

Drones make a lot of noise but what if you had a robot that was as small as a little lady bug?

It sort of brings new meaning to the phrase “I sure would like to be a fly on the wall”

Yes, were talking about micro technology that just a few years ago would have been impossible even laughable.

A fly on the wall that can record video and audio, LOL, that is just science fiction right?

It could be a little scary though What if you really could be a fly on the wall?

What types of privacy might we be invading or about to be able to invade?

As parent’s we might need to become more aware of how our children may be at risk of being secretly video taped or recorded.

After all it happens every where right, you can see people on cell phones everywhere taking pictures, sending it to social media.

We tell our kids don’t be sending pictures of yourself that you would not want your grandmother or the pastor of the church to see…

Hey, seriously peer pressure is still the biggest bully on the block…

All I am saying is that Technology might be about to take a big leap and for our generation we might be in a position to look into the future and see opportunities that others may not realize are just the beginning of a new revolution of technology…

Just something to think about…

But it is also meant to make you more aware of what micro technology might mean to our grand kids, apart from the negative connotation.



Post office in trouble?

Could the days of the post office be numbered?

With millions of vehicles, that consume an unbelievable amount of gasoline and contributing to billions of tons of greenhouse gases, does it make sense that the post office still be the number one consumer of preventable spending in the government?

There is a debate that is going on now about how much of the post office do we really need now, and how much of the post office might be replaced with other more affordable options.  It is entirely possible that the post office could sell off one half of its fleet, and reduce its costs, it could reduce the high payout of its costs, by reducing the amount of retirement payments, (much like the car companies have become unstable due to high costs of maintaining non productive members,)

One thing that is really interesting is the salary of the post master general, what company do you know of that pays out an alleged over $800,000.00 for what amounts to a CEO, that has managed to consistently loose money over the last two years, in fact perhaps many years the post office may have been quietly loosing money to practices that have made the post office not able to sustain a profitable enterprise.

What will they do, will they lay off employees, many of which could be said to be receiving benefits that are costing tax payers Billions of dollars.



senate working against America?

Is the Senate and Harry Reid allegedly working against the American people?

In a recent news report, this headline came up.

US Senate Votes For Repeal of Ethanol Subsidies, on the surface this might seem like a good thing, but is it really as good as it might seem to be?

Lets think about this for a moment, First were putting our food in our gas tanks, this is by order of law.

Second lets consider the effect that this will have not only in the cost of fuel, but in the cost of other things.

With the Ethanol subsidies gone, the cost of this will have to be passed on to the consumer, (voters) like you and me, so expect 12 to 15 cents a gallon increase in the cost of fuel.

Now lets have a clear look at what is going to happen next, Ethanol must be created from corn, which has caused the price of corn to go up.

This in turn has caused the price Dairy products such as milk to go up.

As a consequence the cost of meat, has gone up.

This “trickle down effect” has created a serious problem for America and it leads right to the door of Harry Reid.

Should harry reid resign because he allegedly has disgraced the Senate with his ignorance?

Did Harry know this was going to happen we dont know, but one thing is for sure, they had the ability to make it right the first time but they failed to do it, why is that?

Want to know how easy it would have been to make this work out right?

Just reduce the requirement of ethanol to gasoline ratios, and over night, the cost of all these things would have gone down.

But that is not what they did, what they did was to pass the cost of the ethanol directly on to the consumer, that is the voter.

You see just how little they the politicians care about you, who have to fill your tanks with expensive ethanol laced gas products.

You see just how little they think about you as a voter when they do these things.

It is Amazing to watch what these people do, because it shows you just how little they care about America.

  • They concentrate on things like trying to criminalize the Internet, (allegedly)
  • They do things that benefit themselves, but do not include the people in those same benefits.
  • They life a life that is far above what any American could afford to live, yet never consider that the voters are watching.
  • They think that you are so dumb and ignorant that you will never figure out what they are doing.

The truth is that most all of those Senators up there need to be voted out of office, because they are not doing the peoples business.

They need to be voted out to send a message that the American people are to come first now last.

They need to be voted out because they are moss backed and have forgotten where they came from.

They need to be voted out because they have been up there too long living off the American people.


Vote them out in 2012, no matter who it is, vote them out.

gold not worth anything stock market

Gas prices go up

When will it stop, and when will Obama be blamed for it like Bush was?  Are they really this dumb that they think the public is not aware of their duplicity?


Will history repeat, remember when a previous president tried to control the market by putting a freeze on prices and how disastrous it was for the economy, what was that by the way?


It seems there is no end in sight to the high prices being paid for gasoline, in fact some are predicting $7.00 per gallon by the end of this year, perhaps even more, but why are the prices going up so quickly, when it is a proven alleged, fact, from petroleum insiders, that it takes three months for the crude oil that is purchased to day to reach the gas pumps, so why is it that no one has done anything to prevent all this price gouging?

That would be a great question to ask if we actually had any reporters that were still asking questions at press conferences.

Considering, that we could release some of the oil for production, and actually pay down the enormous debt, why is this not being considered.

Think about that for a few minutes, how much oil could the US sell, on the market to satisfy some of the debt that we have allowed an out of control Washington to run up?


Crisis, in the USA as Gas prices head toward, the tipping point for the poor and the working consumer.

Diesel prices go up and up, and up, food will be next if you have not already done so, you need to seriously consider stocking up on food, at least buy more than you usually buy.


When the prices keep going up the ones that will be hurt the most are those that have to commute to work, imagine having to spend more money than you make just to get to a job that pays not even enough to feed you.

That is the future that awaits the average American if Oil reserves are not released.

As the Gas prices and the Gold prices go up the stock market is going down, it could be a rough ride over the next few days, some allegedly have said that a 400 point loss might be seen before a recovery is made, and that is note written in stone or gold as far as that goes.

Gas at $6 to $8 Dollars per Gallon coming to America?

They say gold is going up and up and up and where it stops no one knows, but hey let me give you one piece of really good advice.

People, You Cannot Eat your gold, it will not feed you when your hungry.

Hope that helps some of you out because, most people live from payday to payday, and they keep less than a three day supply of food and even less water.

Consider that for a moment and the gold comment will fit in much better.