stupid weiner allegedly

Funny Weiner

This is just almost scary when you see this, are you not embarrassed to be from new york?

When you look at the behavior of this fellow you have to wonder, what is going on up in congress, is it not time to send these alleged sickos home.


Terriorism in wisconsin?

Are unions Terriorist organizations?

Not as we define them after 911, but the way these people were behaving in this video is sick, they think it is funny, but when they were in charge did not republicians act like regular people.

why hbo may suffer

Will HBO suffer?

The ratings may not be that good for HBO after some of the really allegedly foul and terrible things that bill maher allegedly seems to have broadcast, you would have to wonder just how long a network can really take that kind of miss use of its resources, knowing that the ratings go down the more that allegedly certain people accuse other people of alleged, libelous behavior.

After a while it is no longer funny, there is a fine line between what is funny and what is sickening, these days ol bill just seems to move a little farther to the left, what an odd journey that he makes.

Bill you are a pin head,

fire Dupnik


Knowing that for the most part society depends on the law enforcement community to be not only fair but also balanced.

The courageous men and women that make up our law enforcement community deserve better and so often they do not get it, however when a man who allegedly should have retired some time ago, comes in and makes alleged erroneous statements which are not fair or balanced, you have to ask is this the best that Pima Co, Arizona can do? The answer seem and allegedly could be yes they can do better, however, to allow this type of behavior to stand unchallenged, is not only irresponsible but also well just plain stupid.

According to some reports, the Sheriff had the opportunity to prevent this tragic and horrible event, but like many others he did nothing.
It is in some ways, just incomprehensible, that everyone thought that someone would do something about this problem, there were signs.

It is easy to say this after the tragic events occurred and perhaps that is coloring some of the comments, however, to see a problem and do nothing, that is what is really disturbing about this situation, allegedly there were arrests made, but no action taken, there were people who said something was wrong but no help was sought.

Should Dupnik be fired for allegedly violating his oath of office?

Should he be using the office of Sheriff to try and push his personal political agenda?

Should a law enforcement officer be allowed to allegedly violate his oath of office?

This man is not fit for office allegedly, since he is causing many alleged problems for Pima county Arizona and his continued false allegations and innuendo, is causing a fevered pitch among many people this is not the way we have come to expect law enforcement to act.

It is time for him to step aside or shut up.

Law enforcement is in the business of enforcing the law not spouting opinion for the evening news, this allegedly is a blight on the law enforcement community this man must step down.

The facts do not support the dupnik fantasy, which is filled with the very vitriol that he falsely has tried to politicize, he should resign or be fired.

Else in the future when someone makes a fool of themselves in Pima county AZ they may be pulling a dupnik.

Sure its funny but it is also sad, this alleged man is not a real law enforcement member not with making all the mistakes he has allegedly made in several interviews over the past few days, it is incredible that the people of Pima county AZ have this for a sheriff.


Nancy P lets blame bush?

What your kidding right, I mean how is it possible that these people can continue to blame everyone for their problems.

So how long is it that Nancy will blame bush?

2 years from now when they loose the election, will they blame bush then?

Funny how they never seem to be capable of accepting the responsibility they swore when they took office.


Tax cut or Tax increase, fox news drops the ball again?

So has Fox news once again missed this story?

It seems like it might actually be that way, because the story should be this, US citizens, get to keep more of their money, so they can spend the money any way they would like to spend it, so in reality you cannot really say it is a tax break when its your money right?

Do you believe that they should be able to take your money for any reason they desire if you do then you believe in tax breaks, or tax cuts, but in reality, lets examine what this is because the media will not tell you.

Not even The Vaunted Fox news, who claim to be fair and balanced.

It is a tax cut or a tax increase that is the question, because you have to look at what things really are not what people say that they are, so which is it, lets have a look at this because it is something that effects everyone.

The adoption of language that would seem to propose, that money earned by someone does not actually belong to them is well sort of surprising, but that is what is being said on national TV.

Even Fox news, the Vaunted Oh, so fair and balanced, have been seen using this talking point, which must be really funny to the opposite view, they must be really laughing, because, the idea that what you have belongs to someone else just because they say it does is laughable, would not the richest men in the world, laugh at you if you walked up to them and demanded half of what they owned?

In fact it would be considered a criminal act, robbery to be precise.

Yet this is what is suggested by the term social justice or redistributing wealth.

It is robbery, thievery, lies, evil.

That is what it is, no way to debate it, the idea that just because you make more money you should pay more money is sort of stupid, but and here is where it ceases to be funny, there have always been the few that owned what the many have always hoped to have.

If we allow this talking point of the myth of tax cuts or tax breaks, which do not exist at all.

If we allow, this to go unchallenged even on fox news, then there is little hope for prosperity to ever return to this nation, after all we are burning our food in the name of what?

saving the planet, you know what, and I sure hope that no one is shocked, here, but this planet, will get along just fine long after you and everyone you know are in the dirt, yes, just as those that came before you, and those that came before them, the earth survived, the idea that somehow you are special over anyone else that ever walked a mile on this earth well that is just plain ignorant.

So, back to myths, since we have dispelled several of them today, the tax cut thing, well that is pure nonsense, when a man earns one dollar they pay taxes on it, it that has not paid a tax on that dollar they earned, then that is not his fault, if you want to make sure every dollar in the nation is taxed once, and you consider that fair then pass that law, and make it so that no one in congress can be exempt from any law they make for the rest of us.

That is the real key to any long lasting success.

Congress cannot make a law that they are exempt from that is not only illegal but criminal.

Think about it, what if congress decided to pass health care reform that kills people because they get old.

Then they proceed to exempt them selves from that rule, is that fair?

Well I hope your not surprised but that is what has already been done and this is why so many people favor the repeal of the health care debacle. Because it does not apply to everyone, it is not legal under the equal protection clause of the constitution, you cannot apply one set of rules to one class of people and exempt another class of people from those same laws, that is not legal, yes, our congress has done this evil thing.

Yes evil, that is what it is, yet you hear nothing about it on the news.

What kind of news company does this?

What kind of news company covers only parts of the news that they decide they want to cover?

That kind of news is what they call biased news, perhaps they are all biased.


Crow does it again

Well after a long absence, from the public eye, the singer, or I guess she still sings, who knows for sure, sometimes you just have to say what are they thinking after a 2007 comment about using only one sheet of toliet paper, ( so we can save the trees )

Sorry, that is just funny, you go girl…

Go somewhere else, because you will never sell a record at this house, no matter how crazy you act.

Guess who was at the bottom of this latest alleged tirade, none other than couric, who used to be popular but now is just a reminder that no amount of alleged, late night visits to doctors can help your face look better.

Oh well, I guess you just never know, at least they are honest, right, even if they are wrong.

So what is up with the most recent, comments, about the tea party not being educated.

Funny, we could say the same thing about you.

Crazy people but you know what is different about us tea party people and you.

We do not depend on the public good will to sell records.

You do, but then again, you really should not expect, to sell too many of your records, when you insult, America, do you really think your going to be popular?

Do you really think we care about your use of toilet paper?

ray stevens

Ray stevens does it again…

Good ol, Ray, you know this guy is really funny, ever since the streak, remember that one, if you do then your over 40 LOL