Tag: Floods

  • floods create diasters

    There are a lot of serious natural and some sadly man made flooding disasters that are happening in different parts of the US right now however many of the news companies are not covering these stories or they are not covering them very well at all. It is really a serious problem, in regard to […]

  • From Bad to worse…

    When good men make bad mistakes, did blowing up levies protecting farm land cause more damage than allowing nature to take its course? The flooding in the central US could have been allegedly made worse by the US Army Core of Engineers that allegedly attempted to save large cities by flooding farm lands, but could […]

  • floods and earthquakes…

    Playing God is really all about someone that thinks they are smarter than anyone else in the world… Did the Army Core of Engineers condemn millions of people all over the world to starvation and death? Did they choose a few people in a remote town over feeding starving people all over the world? Will […]

  • Diverted flood waters in Missouri

    Even as we watch Arnold and 89 year old senile men on TV, floods are ruining thousands of acres of farm land. so why are we not seeing the real news? Did they just make is worse on the entire US? This is what happens when men think they are smarter than anyone else… What […]

  • Did the Army Core of Engineers Play God?

    Will we find a way to survive after the mistakes of Washington in managing our natural resources? More alleged mistakes may create a “horror show” for food production in the US, this could be a disaster worse than any seen in more than 100 years, (allegedly)   Did this really happen, did they choose to […]