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  • Ted Cruz?

    This is the guy that the liberals love to hate, but why is that exactly…  Amazing stuff Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz spoke at length about the state of America at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday. Discussing a wide range of issues, the Texas senator, who has stood firm in a Democrat-controlled […]

  • MSNBC again involved in deception?

    What is deception? something that deceives or is intended to deceive; fraud; artifice. Working for MSNBC has gone to Joe Scarborough’s head, or at least his ears. The Joe of “Morning Joe, broadcast on the “Lean Forward” network, was caught in the latest TV video scandal because he won’t listen. During his Wednesday broadcast, Scarborough […]

  • Clint Eastwood

       Last night an 82 year old man who has worked hard all of his life reminded us of something that we all knew but had some how forgotten. [kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4 size=”50″ color=”#000000″ ]We Own This Country..[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4]   Yes I know its a novel concept that apparently at least 20 percent of the population have a […]

  • Thugs in the White House?

    Do we have thugs in Washington, (probably, not a new story there) but in what seems to be a counter productive statement we seem to have some really nasty things coming from a spokesman of the Unions, is that the way they are? Are all Unions like this? Like the answer to that question is […]

  • The gentleman is wrong

    This is what we have in congress, this is what you wanted… did you do this sir or not, Man up or be a Wiener, (allegedly) I find this typical of what many democrats allegedly think about what it means to be an American… It is really insulting, to watch this kind of drama on […]

  • City of Phildelphia to Violate State and Federal Laws?

    Will the City of Philadelphia attempt to subvert Federal Commerce law in favor of regulating commerce on the Internet, as one popular story seems to be stating that the city is entitled to charge every blogger a fee to post on their blogs. Now that is just plain stupid, you know what the answer to […]