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  • Companies that do not Want to Acknowledge Christmas?

    You know what it is really interesting to see companies that want you to shop and spend money at their business locations for Christmas but do not want to really accept that there really is only one reason for Christmas.  Companies AGAINST “Christmas” Barnes & NobleFamily DollarFoot LockerLimited BrandsMaurice’sOffice DepotPet SmartRadio ShackStaplesSupervaluVictoria’s Secret Companies marginal […]

  • Banana Bread cooking with Granny

    Time for a Break from the insanity of Washington and liberals? Politics too much for you? Have a Cup of coffee with granny, and let the stress of the day just roll off your shoulders. Get a Great recipe and help out granny at the same time. Ok, Ok, it is that time of year […]

  • banana bread cooking

    Learning how to bake watching the master of Banana bread baking… Simply the best banana bread you have ever tasted. In fact, cooking with Granny is like no other baking you have ever had. And you will have a lot of fun just making it, eating it is just as good… With just a touch […]