Social security about to fail?

What is this true?

What about all the hope and the change?

You mean that there are thousands of Americans that paid their money into the system, for years and years and now that they need that money, and they depend on that money you mean that the democrats in Washington are letting the senior citizens just starve (allegedly) and for the first time since the 1970s there has been no COLA for our senior citizens, but wait who was in charge?

Oh, yes, thats right the hope and the change, in Washington…

So let me get this straight, Washington, has for years, “borrowed” money from social security in many different way for many different things, they did this even though it was not legal to do so, and now when the money that should have been going to build up social security trust fund is not there now we have politicians that are saying benefits will have to be cut.

How about this, Pay back the money 

you stole from the social security trust fund…

If The government would pay back all the money they took from social security to fund operations in foreign countries, would we not have plenty of money in the social security trust fund now?

This is perhaps the most stupid thing in the world and you see the media out there pandering to the idiot politicians like a drunken sailor.


New hope and change

So now what, have you seen all the hope and all the change that you voted for?

Just curious because so far it looks like the hope and change that was promised has not been delivered.

We deserve better and you do too.

Looks like new campaign for new hope and new change is about to get started, amazing if you ask us, because it looks like the first campaign for hope and change in which we donated, (yes, we believed what they said) sorry I know a lot of other people did the same thing.

We wanted hope, we wanted change, but what we allegedly got was nothing like what they promised.

So now with 2012 election just around the corner.

Will we begin to see more of the same old thing, more of the same old promises, more of the same thing where for the last three years, there has been no COLA for our Senior Citizens.

Is that the hope and change you voted for?

Is the the hope and change you wanted to see?

Is that the hope and change you were thinking about when they made all the promises?

It is time for hope and it is time for change, it is time for new leadership in Washington.

Vote them out in 2012



Aarp aclu


Is AARP really helping our senior citizens or are they helping themselves?

Is AARP really all about the people or are they allegedly just another profit for hire?

My parents tried out AARP for a time but later it sort of became this all out advertising platform, (allegedly)

I just think that over the last few years AARP seems to have lost its desire to help out the folks, more so with the alleged lack of concern

that now for three years in a row, there will not be a COLA, for Senior Citizens, many who are living from check to mouth, and on top of that it happened on the democrats watch.




social security cuts?

Are we about to see the second alleged cut in social security?

For the second time, since 1975 there will be no COLA increase in social security.

They be cutting cutting cutting, but you know what its not the republicans that are doing the cutting.

COLA, Cost of living, you have this first here folks because so far this story is not being reported correctly.

Every single year there is an increase in the cost of insurance, yes, that is correct, the cost of medicare insurance goes up, which means that this year same as the last year, there will be a Cut in social security payments that are paid to seniors.

Simple math here folks, not too hard to figure out, and guess what else, they claim that the cost of living has not gone up for two years in a row, this all in a week where the average cost of gas in the USA has gone up dramatically.

The Cost of food has gone up, the cost of every thing has gone up, they call this inflation for those oh so smart people in Washington.

But for some reason the democrats have always told seniors that it would be the republicans that would take away social security, (allegedly) well guess what after a life time of lies, by liberals in office, it finally comes true and guess what else, it is not the republicans that are doing it it is a democrat controlled congress and white-house.

So there you go, no way to mistake that, when you go out to vote them out, lets make it clear to them this November, vote against them, they took away your COLA and you saw your insurance premiums go up and up and up.

So really it is not hard to figure out who is your friend and who is your enemy.

They keep saying that Social Security is running out of money, but why is that?

If the congress would repay the money they have “borrowed” from SSA then they would not be “out” of money.