New hope and change

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So now what, have you seen all the hope and all the change that you voted for?

Just curious because so far it looks like the hope and change that was promised has not been delivered.

We deserve better and you do too.

Looks like new campaign for new hope and new change is about to get started, amazing if you ask us, because it looks like the first campaign for hope and change in which we donated, (yes, we believed what they said) sorry I know a lot of other people did the same thing.

We wanted hope, we wanted change, but what we allegedly got was nothing like what they promised.

So now with 2012 election just around the corner.

Will we begin to see more of the same old thing, more of the same old promises, more of the same thing where for the last three years, there has been no COLA for our Senior Citizens.

Is that the hope and change you voted for?

Is the the hope and change you wanted to see?

Is that the hope and change you were thinking about when they made all the promises?

It is time for hope and it is time for change, it is time for new leadership in Washington.

Vote them out in 2012