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Ferguson was not the first

You might be tempted to think that raised hands and Don’t shoot was a thing that was used in one place,

it was not. 

Don’t shoot has been used in the right way many times before, Ferguson has proven to be a hoax by the media and a criminal that lied in order to divert suspicion from his own criminal activities.

There are other situations that deserve the hands up moniker, but no one deserves to be lied to by the media.

If you are really sick and tired of the media and the lies they tell or the truth they twist up into a knot, then do the one thing that they cannot control, Do not buy anything that is advertised on these lying media shows.

In fact you can boycott these advertisers.

The truth is something that you need to have in the media but it is something that has been missing for a long long time.


Bored, Random, Black on White Crime?

There have been several high profile cases that the media have treated differently.

Fair Reporting or Biased reporting…

Or No reporting…


We look at the news and it is difficult to understand what is going on when the media attempt to provide cover for what is a serious problem.

More Law and Order Stupidity,

boycott NBC advertisers


SVU show Paula Deen

In what is likely the worst thing that SVU has ever done is a show featuring what is to be allegedly Paula Deen Murdering Trayvon Martin…

Ask yourself this question how is this even something that would come into someones mind…

How is it even possible.

Boycott SVU advertisers on NBC…

NBC liars, haters, evil fools, disqusting idoits,
This is the most Evil thing I have ever seen in my life, this must stop…



SVU NBC Hate Machine?

Is Law and Order a Piece of Trash?

Are they lost? 

Are they Stupid?

Are they What, Insane?

If you think this show is bad, just imagine the Idiots that advertise on these shows.

   Boycott NBC like this on Facebook…


Union Thugs?

Are they really doing this in the name of a union?

Now you should understand that not all unions are this way, ok, there are some out there that have not refused to negociate there are some out there are are fair and they do great work for many people, not just unions members. It is only fair to make sure that people understand that not all unions are like this.

However, we have not seen the president condemn this behavior and that my friends is disturbing.

This is not the hope and the change that people voted for, this is not even how most Unions behave.

However it is something to consider when you start seeing this kind of stuff in the media and then the president does “Nothing at all” ?

The following was received by email.

Is this the hope and change you voted for?
Unions are about helping people, not about hurting people.

Dear Patriot,
The battle for union reform in Wisconsin has again highlighted the hate and vitriol of the liberal left. The unions are now taking a page from the mafia in an attempt to intimidate local business. Their message: put up a “support workers’ rights” sign or face the consequences. You can read the full story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We have also attached an image excerpt of the actual letter received by businesses at the bottom of this email.

Intimidation tactics are nothing new for unions, but this has gone too far! Private businesses are being told that even if they wish to remain neutral, the union will organize a boycott and interrupt their ability to conduct business. These threats can only be interpreted to say: “Support our ability to take more of your money through taxes or we’ll find a way to take your business anyway.”

When you juxtapose the respectful but hearty protests of the Tea Party with the ignorant and vicious protests of union thugs, media bias becomes exceptionally clear. The mainstream media grasped for straws trying to portray the Tea Party as violent racists, but when clear evidence of union thuggery is readily available, it is dismissed out of hand. This is just some of what we are fighting against, and your contributions give us the ability to take on the establishment, the liberal/union political machine, and their puppets in the media!

The Tea Party movement has taken the role of the ‘adults’ in the American political system. We are changing the debate in Washington; we are changing the way local and state governments run; and we are once again demanding that the politicians respect the Constitution. We are building the infrastructure to establish the Tea Party as a permanent political force! Your support gives us the resources we need to keep growing. Can you give $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us succeed?
Thank You,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

buycott support Scott walker

buy Cott

They are in the Minority, We are not, they think we depend upon them but the truth is they depend upon us…

They are the leeches.

Well perhaps you may have heard about how some people try to boycott a product, however, now there is a new term a buycott which means that you are supporting a product or service that someone else is attempting to boycott, so what is happening?

So some “alleged Rogue” unions are attempting to target some products, if that is what they want to do then we think you should support the following companies.

Johnsonville brats 

angle soft



If thousands of people buy these products, then the very small number of these “rogue” unions, employees will not have any effect.

Most unions are fair to the people, they support the people, it is only a small number of these so called unions that are doing this stuff and for the most part unions are really decent people you may see some things on TV about how all unions are like this but not all unions are like this.

So really for every one of these oddball unions there are 30 good union employees, so really the media is sort of over blowing this coverage, Unions are not about bullying or beating up people, unions are not about hurting people because they may not agree with everything a union may or may not support, the truth is that the percentage of these unions are very small over all.


911 memorial arrogant america cnn NAACP nbc left wing hate group?

Huckabee boycott of NPR?

In so many ways this news story is allegedly what NPR is all about how does that make you feel about an organization that takes your tax dollars and uses it to support the liberal alleged agenda.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he will no longer appear on National Public Radio until the organization stops practicing “censorship” and called on Congress to cut NPR’s funding.

Sarah Palin also is calling for this as well as many other media figures, this is the worst issue in a decade and allegedly NPR does not care, why is that?

Where does the money come from because there are laws that protect our radio stations from foreign, take over, allegedly these law prohibit the take over of American radio stations, is NPR guilty?

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