buy Cott

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They are in the Minority, We are not, they think we depend upon them but the truth is they depend upon us…

They are the leeches.

Well perhaps you may have heard about how some people try to boycott a product, however, now there is a new term a buycott which means that you are supporting a product or service that someone else is attempting to boycott, so what is happening?

So some “alleged Rogue” unions are attempting to target some products, if that is what they want to do then we think you should support the following companies.

Johnsonville brats 

angle soft



If thousands of people buy these products, then the very small number of these “rogue” unions, employees will not have any effect.

Most unions are fair to the people, they support the people, it is only a small number of these so called unions that are doing this stuff and for the most part unions are really decent people you may see some things on TV about how all unions are like this but not all unions are like this.

So really for every one of these oddball unions there are 30 good union employees, so really the media is sort of over blowing this coverage, Unions are not about bullying or beating up people, unions are not about hurting people because they may not agree with everything a union may or may not support, the truth is that the percentage of these unions are very small over all.