Zimmerman the man the media made everyone hate.

You see comments on the social media circuit and you would think that George Zimmerman was a serial killer like,

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991,

To hear the media tell the story you would think a lot of things that make no sense at all.

Then you see the truly strange things about this case, where the media thought that Zimmerman was a white man and they ran with the story.

They told everyone that a white man had done this thing and then they found out that Zimmerman was actually Hispanic but they did not admit that fact.

They even kept on referring to him as white for six weeks after the news broke that he was actually Hispanic.

Later they started saying he was white/Hispanic.

There is one thing that you can tell for sure about the media they do not like being proved wrong.

They do not mind it if a few people think that they were wrong they just keep on lying…

But if it is widely proven they were wrong they hate it.

They hate it not because they were wrong but because Americans are finally starting to see just how corrupted they have become.

It is said that many may actually not be human at all.

I would not be surprised to learn that many of the executives actually sleep in coffins.

 The truth about George Zimmerman may be something the media may never admit.

They know the truth but they will never admit they were wrong.

They will never speak the truth because they are silly people who have no imagination or too much when it counts.

The media are becoming a sick bunch of people that any horror movie maker would be too afraid to show in a movie.

This is why people are so quickly turning to the internet and blogs to get information because you will not see the truth on TV.

The truth about so many things is that the media have an agenda and that agenda does not include you.



philadelphia bloggers

City of Phildelphia to Violate State and Federal Laws?

Will the City of Philadelphia attempt to subvert Federal Commerce law in favor of regulating commerce on the Internet, as one popular story seems to be stating that the city is entitled to charge every blogger a fee to post on their blogs.

Now that is just plain stupid, you know what the answer to this is?

Vote those idiots out of office.

Yes you know the ones with the big paychecks…

Vote them out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all otheres are excluded from this conversation.

If you really want to understand what this is about then you need to read the following two nicely ” LEGAL” Articles, which will put it all into perspective and hopefuly lay this to rest, because to be honest, no one city can ever hope to regulate internet activity.

The below ACT prohibits a city which is subject to the state, to regulate Interstate commerce and it also prohibits, regulation of Intrastate Commerce.

So to all the chattering crowd, this means that the city has no right nor any legal grounds to successfuly defend its actions in court.

Most Cities are terrified of being dragged into court, more so if they are in the wrong as they are in this case, please see the second link below which defines the Pennslyvania, laws governing intrastate commerce.

Also see this on

Once you read the two articles above, you will readily see that only a State can legally regulate a business permit, for this class of business, simply because unless the state agrees and in this case they will not.

The city of Phildelphia has no legal grounds to enforce, this
$300 Yes, Virginia, it is a Tax.

Simple as that, seriously, that is all there is to it now if the state of Pennsylvania decides to charge all internet bloggers in the state of Pennsylvania, some of which they will be related to, then yes, it will be legal, but and here is where the road meets the rubber,

This is only if the Federal Government, allows the state to supercede, the Federal Act governing Internet activities, and that is not going to happen.

So again, this is about intimidation, if the city can threaten you into paying them
$300 bucks, then they can, but if you dont pay it they can do nothing legally to enforce it,

Really interesting conversation here, lots of strong feelings, and Semi facts, even some that claimed they had the facts and others were incorrect.