Debate viewed as offensive to most?

Last night debate was really not much of a debate in fact it was reported that Biden interrupted Ryan some 92 times.

How is that a debate at all?

As well the moderator failed to control Biden which caused Ryan to have to rebel in order to say anything that is wrong.

What a mess, so when you cant win a debate you interrupt, you tell lies, you disrespect you divide, you do anything but talk about the facts.



Ryan Biden debate tonight

What can we expect tonight, these two men could not be farther apart intellectually,psychologically and politically… Its like throwing Gas on a Fire, but will the moderator throw in with biden?

That is the situation that you want to have a close look at because the moderator is from an allegedly biased liberal hate mongering network, (allegedly) Can we expect to see any real interaction or is it just yet another waste of time?


Paul Ryan and the Biased media

Now you might think that the media have an agenda and you would be allegedly right.

You might wonder why they are allowed to distort fact with alleged fiction, mostly opinionated fiction at that.

The thing is when you look at how ignorant the media actually are you have to wonder how they make any money at all.

The news media keeps trying to find ways to do Barack Obama’s bidding and undercut the Romney/Ryan team.  First they jumped on Mitt Romney like a pack of jackals and badgered him endlessly about his comments about how it was wrong to apologize and appease radical Islamists who were storming our embassies.
Then the media pounced on the secret recording of Mitt Romney correctly noting that Democrats have now gotten close to 50% of the population hooked on government handouts, and how it’s nearly impossible to win the votes of people who don’t want to give up their handouts from the government.  They want to keep the ‘redistribution of wealth’ in place.

And after these relentless attacks, what did the media do?  They then hyped all these polls showing that Obama was leading after they had smeared the Romney/Ryan ticket.  But the irony is they still had to skew the polls by oversampling Democrats to get the result they wanted.

The media is in the tank for the Obama/Biden ticket and today they sank to a new low.  Politico published a report saying that Paul Ryan was trash talking his running mate, Mitt Romney, and had begun referring to Romney behind-the-scenes as “the stench.”

A flurry of other media outlets then began circulating the report, and saying it showed how bad things were going for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  The big problem:  it’s entirely untrue.  

So often it appears that they think that they are smarter than anyone else but the truth is far different.

Vote in November because the truth may save America.


green energy Scandal

Can we trust Washington to do the right thing?

The following was received in an email it may not represent the administrators or owners of this website, however it is interesting, to look at what is apparent to many…

Dear Patriot, We wrote you this morning about the solar company Solyndra and its seemingly corrupt dealings with the Obama administration. We’ve been informed that there were some problems with the link to the petition, and we sincerely apologize. The link has been fixed, and we need everyone who reads this letter to sign the petition today demanding Congress investigate the Solyndra scandal! The White House, in an attempt to hide the administration’s involvement in giving Solyndra a half billion taxpayer dollars, dumped some revealing emails on Friday night when they thought no one was watching. The California-based Solar energy company was made the poster child of the Obama administration’s push for green jobs, and the White House pushed through approval on a taxpayer-guaranteed loan of $535 million. Now, Solyndra has gone bankrupt and gone are the jobs that Obama and Biden so loudly touted, and gone also are the half-billion taxpayer dollars! Since the news first broke of Solyndra’s insolvency, the company’s executives were called before Congress – and they refused to answer any questions, pleading the Fifth! It’s obvious that something corrupt took place, and Congress must get to the bottom of it! And if Solyndra executives refusing to comment on their criminal wrongdoing isn’t enough, the emails released by the White House show that an Obama appointee in the Department of Energy overlooked an inherent conflict of interest and pushed the White House to approve the ill-advised loan. The conflict: his wife worked for Solyndra’s lawyer! We cannot stand for this corruption! At the end of the day, friends of the Obama administration walked away with $535 million in taxpayer funds, and those in government who allowed this to happen must be held accountable! We’ve sent nearly 100,000 letters to Congress demanding they investigate the Solyndra scandal, but that’s not nearly enough. We need to flood Washington with letters demanding they take action! Please, take a moment today to use our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your elected representatives and tell them we cannot allow this to go unanswered! *You do not have to make a donation to use the system, but your generous contributions allow us to continue to provide this service free of charge to patriots all across the country. Sign the petition now – we must stop cronyism in Washington! Thank you, Todd Cefaratti Freedom Organizer P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding to a friend.



Biden to support this guy?
Huge question, why?


WE do not need this type of thuggery, or skull duggary in washington.