Facebook corruption

Is it possible that the media are actually going to try to argue that a third party caused advertising about the 2016 election candidates that created the impression that one of the candidates was not honest or trustworthy…


Now, consider the truth here.

Americans from all over the nation voted in the 2016 election the election turn out was much higher than anyone expected, it was the People…

The People of this great Nation.

Voters and yes, tax payers, the will of the American People was performed.

Months later the media and members of congress are actively working against the president and the American People.

Attempting to try to explain away why the candidate they wanted to win actually lost.

Even now using Jeff Sessions like a Pawn having himself recuse himself from doing his job after the media and certain members of congress were asking about the so called, “Russian collusion” question.   But there was none and in fact the insanity of that question is still costing tax payers money just to do what exactly??? 

What are they trying and hoping to do now?

They want to overturn the will of the People…

now we have a media and yes apparently even Facebook that is prepared to call all the scandals about that one candidate, Fake News.

They want to say that because of the Fake News, (Benghazi, Email Gate, Private Server, Pay for Play) all that information that is commonly known to be the truth or alleged truth was all fake news and it was all done on Facebook…

So now mr Zucker himself is going to dance in front of congress, (after first meeting with members of congress first) Wow, so I guess we all know that its scripted now right?

Say, if any of us regular us voters ever have to appear in front of congress will we also have the same Ex parte meetings with lawyers and all before you question us…????



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress TODAY and TOMORROW regarding the enormous data mining breach that has gripped Zuckerberg’s company.

+ + Facebook’s Real Attacks Being MASKED…

Here at Liberty Counsel Action, we are concerned that the data and privacy issues will MASK the even more critical issue that Congress should be addressing this week.

I’m talking about the accelerated attacks on Christian and conservative groups by Facebook and the other “titans” of Silicon Valley.

As I have noted to you, Liberty Counsel Action has been monitoring the increasing attacks from these Silicon Valley giants against conservatives and especially people of faith. Liberty Counsel has been the target of these attacks, as we have been openly labeled as a “hate group” and even seen our organization banned by Silicon Valley elites.

In the past few weeks, even more attacks by Facebook have come to light. Facebook recently determined that postings by two high-profile, pro-Trump individuals were “unsafe to the community.” Meanwhile a leading conservative website is now having all its content marked as racist and xenophobic by Facebook!

+ + URGENT ACTION To Confront Facebook’s Attacks.

That’s why Liberty Counsel Action is launching an urgent FAX BARRAGE demanding that Congress confront Facebook’s anti-faith and anti-conservative agenda.



In a situation like this you have to ask what is this man doing in office at all?

This news story, which may come as a surprise to some, since allegedly the media only covers some news and not all news, (what a shame we have no courage anymore) we have no reporters that are brave anymore, they are all bought and paid for (allegedly) but you know what, the Gov of the state of New York can remove this stain on the office of the Mayors office.

source Bloombergs biggest scandal…

billionaire mayor will never be tarnished by the traditional pay-to-play and influence-peddling schemes that compromise politicians with ordinary bank accounts. Instead, his defining debacle is a failure of leadership, accountability, and transparency, revealed in one law enforcement report or news story after another, ever since Beddia and Graffagnino succumbed to smoke on the 14th floor of the city’s most toxic building, just 118 feet from where 343 of their brothers perished six years earlier. Even Bloomberg’s Department of Investigations (DOI) found last month, in a report barely noticed by the press, that it was a case of death by official dereliction.

This is the toxic world that bloomberg seems to be pretending inside his posh glass world view of New York, with so many Brave Americans that gave their lives in service to New York, you have to wonder what kind of man must this man be to behave allegedly like a coward and an alleged snake.

A less than human existence, seems to be what then “man” seeks in his world of low life associates, (allegedly) so he says that there is no room at the memorial services for the FDNY and Emergency services, who had friends and loved ones who gave their lives bravely, in service to the City of New York, there is no room for clergy, there is no room for prayer, there is no room for anything but politics, but you know what what if there were no room for a Mayor that has so many “special” friends, that he allegedly cannot do his job, what then?

Well the Governor can remove him from office, talk to your governor and make it clear that you will not tolerate the capitulation of evil men, (allegedly) that you will not tolerate the stupidity of corrupt officials, (allegedly) that you will not suborn fools that would create scandals and require the lives of men of valor.

Perhaps it is time that the people petitioned the Governor to remove the Mayor, from office.

Perhaps it is time that the people of New York were actually represented by the Mayor for a change?

Perhaps it is time that the people of New York contact the Governor about this Evil agenda.


bloobBerg Mosque

To the left of the end of the flat earth… The Earth is flat, right? You might wonder about that when you see the way the news is covered, so far off from what the reality actually is, you just have to wonder. Everyone can cover the Mosque in the news, but no one can cover, the other stories, in the news, where Christians are not be tolerated… I say that if they can build their Mosque here we should be able to build a church in the middle of their most populated city as well, or would that be considered, a problem? Think about that, they would never allow someone to build a momentous, building to a religion they hate. Yes, that is correct, they dont like our religion, so why are we so busy being tolerant… Think about it, If you take the spin away there is no Racism, there is no Tolerance issue, this is just wrong pure and simple. Somehow its ok to refuse a man the right to be a Christian in public, at high schools, so much so that many have decided to go to schools where people are permitted the freedom to pray if they wish. Yet, somehow were not tolerant, if we are against a Radical Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero.

You know what that is just Stupid.

Here is the question, the real one, if the situation were reversed, would they allow us to build in their country. That is all you have to ask, would it be ok, if the situation were the opposite of how it is now? Would they be tolerant? Or Would they say that we needed to be sensitive to the their views? Why is bloom berg, so hot on this could it be that allegedly money changed hands? Then you hear about good ol Nancy P talking about how the victims of 911 should be investigated. You have to ask again who are these people in Washington? What are they doing, under the guise of representing America, after they swore an Oath, and here is the most important thing, an Oath is an Oath, you cannot break it, because if you do then you are not only a traitor, you are also bound by your Oath. It is time to vote them out of office. It is time to vote them out… It is Time to vote them out, People like Bloomberg need to be voted out of office. This is why there are so many troubles, in our nation not because people have no common sense, but it is the small number people that represent only 12 percent of the country, they try to act like they are the only ones that count but that would be a false hood.


bloomberg anti american?

Is the Mayor of New york city anti American using lies and liberal garbage to try and lie to the American people?

Is the mayor of New York lying to everyone using public tax money to do it with?

Should you vote the mayor out of office for allegedly being a liar?

That probably depends upon your preference,  if you wish to support an alleged liar and fool that go for it. 


Bloomberg Angers 90 percent of Voters?

Allegedly Mayor and the most high deity, BloomBerg, just pissed upon, 90 percent of new york voters over the banning of clergy and by saying that there just was no room for the FDNY, and Emergency workers that risked their lives (many who have allegedly died due to exposure to cancer causing agents on 9/11/01)

So just who would be left politicians, because any celebrity would be a fool to attend an event where those that showed such bravery and courage would be denied a place.

What kind of sick man is this person? We know that he is a very wealthy man, one who likely has never had to go to a gas pump and fill up his own vehicle, we know that he likely has not prepared his own food for many years, or cleaned his own home.


We know that he allegedly bought the political office, allegedly. So, exactly what is keeping new yorkers from recalling this man who claims to be in office at the will of the people? Is it not time to begin to send a message that politicians that only represent 10 percent of the population instead of the 90 percent of the people that are the majority? Is it not time to begin to remove those politicians that refuse to do the right thing while being against the constitution, is it not time to vote them out of office? From the top on down the people will be heard, we the people will vote them out one by one where ever the voice of the poor are drowned out by the slogan of the rich, where ever we find fools that refuse to do the right thing, where ever we have ignorance in office we need to vote them out.

They do not represent America they represent their masters, socialists, the ultra rich that do not know what it is like to buy food, or to fill a gas tank, they do not belong in office because they are not capable to governing, what you see here is oppression pure and simple. Bloomberg is really making a mistake and it is time that the ACLU steps forward and does the right thing, defending the constitution as vigorously as they would defend any other aspect of the constitution when repression happens. If the ACLU will not do the right thing then it is time that others step forward and lead.

Perhaps someone should push for a financial audit of the Mayors finances, because it appears that allegedly there might be some large payments, in perhaps a family members name, (allegedly) or some other matters, concerning buildings, and construction, who knows, the pay for play game is likely and allegedly very much alive, did they not impeach and place blagojevitch in jail for the same things as these?

Seems like corruption knows no boundaries, allegedly.


remove bloomberg

Is Bloomberg a menace to the people of the state of New York?Should he be removed from office? While there is no recall mechanism in place in NY, (which explains why so many politicians are such Jack ASSess,) certainly they should because if a man cannot lead in office by doing the will of the people that how can that man perform his oath of office. Is it time to remove the Mayor from office, violating the constitution, violating the rights of Americans, the Guy allegedly is a walking talking violation of nature. In a time when we need to be sticking together we have a man in New York that allegedly is working to incite riots, is this man fit to be in office? Should he be recalled? Should a wealthy politician be in a position where he may become even more wealthy as a result of his position? These are good questions. When you look at the questionable situations that this mayor has been involved in (allegedly) over the last few months you have to ask is this man the right man for New York, sure wish Rudy was back because this dude is doing stuff that would be unthinkable, if it were 1950 they would likely treat him very ugly. But this is 2011, perhaps it is time to recall bloomberg. It would seem that BloobBerg, has done several things that only a very small left wing group would like so who is he working for it certainly is not the will of the people allegedly. Failure of Oath of office, it could be said that the mayor of NYC has failed to meet his oath of office,

Removal of mayor. The mayor may be removed from office by the governor upon charges and after service upon him of a copy of the charges and an opportunity to be heard in his defense. Pending the preparation and disposition of charges, the governor may suspend the mayor for a period not exceeding thirty days.

chase bank

Chase Bank anti Christian?

It is the reason for the season, not the other way around it is a shameful thing that this bank has allegedly tried to be the number one scrooge, you have to ask, why?

For what reason because it is not what they allegedly are saying.

Is Chase bank against Christmas?

Are they Anti American?

Are they Evil people who support Evil things?

We have to ask because it just seems so crazy that a bank that depends on Millions of Christians and Millions of people who celebrate Christmas for its profit, for its deposits, that they would offend millions and millions and millions of people.

You have to wonder about these things, because 93 percent of all Americans, support Christmas, you heard it, Christmas, Americans support Christmas, so to chase bank, perhaps you should rethink your offensive anti christian hate policy, because that is what it is hate.

Did you know that you could be found guilty of a hate crime by removing that Christmas Tree.

Yes, a Hate crime.

Think about that you scrooges.



Is the ACLU really all about preserving the American way or lack thereof?

The idea that they always act in the right way is debatable, in fact much of what they have done over the last few years is subject to much debate.

I used to think that the ACLU was a decent organization however over the last few years, not so much.

They used to try to provide a decent amount of legal services, but not allegedly what they are involved in is mostly related to Anti Christian activities, attempting to mount a legal challenge to what the constitution guarantees us we shall have.

It is a shame on them to allegedly pervert the constitution, but you know what, they cant stop the truth they can allegedly try but it will avail them nothing.

Allegedly it is becoming disturbing to witness the continual, trends toward anti religion, anti Military, anti, establishment, ok that last may be ok, but really anti American?

Allegedly if you look at what they are doing and not what they are saying you might start to loose sleep at night.