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  • Gun Control Ban…

    The CDC has come out with a report that suggests that half of America is Mentally ill? Wow, that is some kind of scientific poll right? The very idea that the CDC (which by the way is a little off balance here on this news report,) Could be so foolish as to publish such a […]

  • Election insanity

    Watching the election coverage is almost like watching a child’s movie about dinosaurs. Developing the best strategy for political elections takes a lot of time and effort however it appears that there is little news that appears to be real these days you see a lot of news stories that are less than honest in […]

  • No jobs?

    What will happen, with the problems that America faces when congress tries to pass jobs bills that do not create jobs? Think about that for a moment… For the past three years, they have tried this out over and over again, but it has not worked, because of alleged, corruption, alleged special interests, alleged, criminals […]