Sequester stupidity?

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Ok, so right now your wondering what in the heck these people are doing talking about how the sequester is going to end the world as we know it right.

[kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4 size=”50″ color=”#000000″ ]Bull Pucky…[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4]

How about this it turns out the someone is responsible for spending $880,000.00 to study Snail Relations.

You heard that right and yes it is amazing.


The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.

The study, first funded in 2011 and continuing until 2015, will study the New Zealand snails to see if it is better that they reproduce sexually or asexually – the snail can do both – hoping to gain insight on why so many organisms practice sexual reproduction.

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This is completely incredible and insane.
So lets understand this we have people out there living under a bridge starving because they have no jobs and no food and we have people out there that are spending $880 thousand dollars on studying the mating habits of a snail?
On top of that we cant even find out who did this?
That person who did this should be fired and never allowed to work in a position of responsibility again.
Why is that not what happens?
Vote in 2014 because we cant let the stupid people take over.