healthcare pain

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The reality of life is that pain is a part of life, we all have some pain, the older you get the more pain you are likely to see we take over the counter medications, to help our quality of life and yes sometimes it is not enough, not every day mind you but from time to time something a little stronger than aspirin is needed to provide a better quality of life to provide some relief from pain.

Given this very real life issue it is an amazing thing when a patient in pain is treated like a criminal.

healthcare pain

In many ways there is a real problem with prescription pain medications and yes sometimes people abuse them just like anything else, from laxatives, to bubble gum given time somewhere in some town in the US you will find someone that will abuse just about anything and everything, however that is not the story here.

There are solutions to problems, but it seems to be popular these days to just throw a blanket over the entire thing and say hey its cured, we fixed the problem but what have you actually done at all?


Consider this, a patient who has a disease that is expected to end in death, pain is a part of this patients problems but that can be managed to an extent that the patient can live a somewhat normal life for an extended period of time.

There is no reason why this cannot be made into a reality, yet we see very often that contrary to what would seem to be common sense we have this political problem that is creating a pain crisis for people that have these incurable diseases. 

What is worse is that due to these political nightmarish paradigms, we have states that are treating doctors like criminals, perhaps a few of them are worthy of such treatment but over all because a doctor prescribes pain medication that doctor can loose his license to practice medicine and on top of that they could end up in jail, loose everything they have worked so hard to get in life including their families their children, homes, wealth, bank accounts. 

Now I ask you, how can a doctor be expected to practice medicine when they are being treated like criminals for prescribing pain medications to patients that have incurable diseases such as HIV, Cancer, debilitating diseases that have horrible consequences if not treated the patients live lives that result in a desire for suicide.

Now that might sound extreme, but over all its the truth, we have a situation where doctors are loosing their licenses to the extent that there are said to be secret websites that rate states in how severe they criminalize doctors, Georgia is one of the alleged worst offenders, taking the licenses of so many doctors that many doctors are choosing to move to other states, or to not come to that state in the first place, this is creating a doctor shortage in this state.

Instead of fixing the problem, the hospitals have opted to obtain doctors from other nations.

Ever wondered why you now have a doctor with a name you cannot pronounce that is because American doctors are retiring and the newer doctors are moving to states that support doctors.

Now I ask you with all seriousness how is this a good thing for America?

How can you get medical care if there are no good physicians to treat you, how can you find medical treatment affordable or otherwise when you face ignorance and stupidity like allegedly happens in the state of Georgia every other day.

Think about that the next time you consider where you will retire, because good quality medical care is getting hard to find.

It is getting difficult to find any kind of medical care at all where you the patient actually are considered.

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