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Obama blamed in news story?

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In a recent news story the headline was somewhat excessive, however it does bring to mind the idea that perhaps there is some credence to the story, but is it fair?

Is it fair to criticize actions that perhaps the Commander and Chief, has little control over?

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In Brussels police are still desperately hunting a dangerous terrorist after he fled a triple-suicide bombing in the city that left 34 dead, as officials search for news on U.S. citizens who went missing during the attack and medics tend to nine more Americans lying wounded in hospital.

Meanwhile in Buenos Aires President Barack Obama was dancing the night away with wife Michelle at a glitzy state dinner alongside Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his first lady Juliana Awada as part of a two-day state visit.

A case might be made that the trip may have been premature to begin with it is very controversial, mostly due to the fact that the negotiations have not gone very well and that a sitting president has no authority to give an adversial nation status and returning a naval base to that nation that has done nothing to change the way it treats its people.

But that is another story.

Over all, there are credible examples of a lack of leadership and that lack of leadership appears to have created a lot of problems for many people all over the world, but is it fair, the world may never know for sure.