Media ignoring the truth

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Once again the media and public officials are ignoring the truth about recent attacks on American Soil.

Why do they do this?

The truth is hard to completely understand, some think that they want to avoid the appearance of evil on our own nation.

Others think they want to keep people from panicking or perhaps its just that some public officials are just so untrustworthy that they cannot tell the truth no matter what happens.

Can we really afford to look the other way when we see evil appear?

The real truth is likely something different as it usually is when good men do nothing to stop evil when it appears.

Here are some other possible reasons why pubic officials are ignoring the truth about what is happening in our American Cities.

It is an election year.

They do not want to talk about how ignoring evil has failed to stop these issues they would rather blame it on Gun Control, Domestic issues, Anything but what it really is.

That is not only dangerous but it is stupid.

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when you think about how often the news media is willing to ignore the truth this has to bring to mind the kind of ignorance that is so often shown in progressive politics and progressive politicians.

It has no business in the news or the public at large however that is what we are seeing and it is dangerous.   It is by far one of the most compelling reasons why we need to vote in this election.