Manipulating the polls

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Earlier in the week you saw Poll Numbers change and it was not because there was an actual change in the poll numbers.

It was because the Media decided that they needed to show something different otherwise the few people that believe in anything the media tell you is true would start to suspect that the Media is lying to them.

Guess what…

The Media are lying to you.

Just about anyone with half a brain, could tell you the truth about what the media is hiding in how they are presenting polls which lead the public to think about a subject one way or another.

It is really a shame in a way that there are a fair few people that can be manipulated in this way.

Beyond that however the number of actual voters, Not Likely Voters, that are effected by this manipulation is miniscule.

I know that is also an interesting thing as well right…

Warning…  The following video is controversial.

No matter what your state of mind might be the truth is far more interesting and that is something that you can make up your own mind about, when the media begin to manipulate what you see and what you hear so that they can present you with information designed to “Push” you into a certain frame of mind then that is just not right.

It would not be right to attempt to influence people to do things that they would not ordinarily do correct?

Then why is the Media attempting to tell you which candidate is ahead of the others?

Why is it always the Democrat candidates that are ahead and the republican candidates that are tied?

Why is the media doing this?

because they can…

Should the media be allowed to participate in the election?

Are they really the press when they do this?

These are things that should be answered and the Media if guilty should answer for these revelations.