Knowing the Truth

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We often believe that we are right about everything that we think and say and feel strongly about. The truth can sometimes be difficult to understand.

We can be right most of the time and still find ourselves wrong on occasion.

It is the mark of a person of intelligence and understanding that can admit when they are wrong.

Not only because it is something that is the right thing to do but because we cannot learn from our mistakes unless were willing to admit that we made a mistake.

When you are so closed minded that you cannot learn from your mistakes what does that say about the kind of man or woman you are?

When you cannot see something from another man or womans point of view how can you ever expect to grow as a person?

Consider this, we have a media that would like us to think that it is ok for the IRS to target the tea party because of what Reason?

But most importantly, what IF, things were different?

What if the shoe were on the other foot?

Would it be ok, if suddenly the media and the world were to see the IRS criminal actions, (allegedly) for what it really is?

You look at things differently when it affects you personally.

When you consider what might happen if things were different, you can free yourself from the mental haze that the media attempt to blind you with.

The truth is more than freedom it is an extension of what matters most in this world and in this life.

Just like the movie,  A time to Kill, the Jury were ready to convict the man even though they knew that he was surely insane at the time that he decided to take revenge on the men who did such horrible unspeakable things.

But they were still ready to convict that man because he had broken the law.

All that changed the moment they realized that if this had been their daughter or grandchild they would have done no different.

It is a dramatic moment in a movie filled with emotion about a great many things.

But it can teach us about how things are viewed.

The jury could not see beyond the color of the skin of the man on trial.

But when the Lawyer, Played by Matthew McConaughey

Substituted the color of the skin of the victim to that of a white girl, it changed everything in a moment of time the Jury saw things differently, they no longer judged things from the point of view of a persons skin.

They were able to understand the truth about what happened.

They were able to understand it because it personally effected them.

In a poll recently 41 percent of those polled, did not think that the IRS deliberately targeted the Tea Party.

(likely mostly due to the way the media covered the news story) 

But what if things were different. 

What if now that its ok to do this to your political parties advocates to squelch freedom of speech and increase your chances of getting re-elected.

If its Ok, now to do this, Then what happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

What happens when its the republicans that direct the IRS to go after democrats.

Seriously I want you to image what would happen if they were to do that to you.

How would you feel about that?

Would you still think its ok?

Or would things suddenly become very different.

Would things change in your mind?

What if the IRS targeted Democratic fund raising groups?