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We live in a world where the news circulates like a cess pool rotating for 24 hours at a time.

Often you have no choice but to either watch what “They” Want you to see or IF you live in a country that allows you to freely access the internet you can gain perspective.

Learn about many different things from attending college to learning a skilled trade all online.

You can do just about anything you want to do from learning how to fix and repair your own car to learning how to grow your own food in your backyard free of contamination.

Freedom comes in many forms and it seem as if so many people want to take away your freedom to make a conscious decision about what you see on the TV.

Does it seem as if the media are not covering the news anymore?

 Perhaps it is because they have no interest in your freedom to watch what you see fit to watch.

Even Bill Clinton can see how ignorant it is to trust another nation with the freedoms that Americans have sacrificed so much to achieve.

Europe, failed to act to stop World War 2 from taking the lives of hundreds of Thousands of men.

America Acted to preserve our Freedom…

When others would not.