Wisconsin Recount begins?

This is really sad and well stupid, now in an effort to try and figure out how certain “rogue Union” elements in Wisconsin may try to overturn the duly elected government of a Sovereign State, with all the legal rights afforded them by the constitution.  We now see that when they thought they had won, […]

Winconsin Again

Well apparently Wisconsin is once again in the news when a democRAT has apparently asked for the Federal Government to step into a States Rights case which would be against the Constitution. I thought that people in Washington were educated? Why cant they figure out how the constitution works, I guess are you smarter than […]

Wisconsin supreme court election

Wonder what happened, is this no longer news, or how far are the special union interests, prepared to go, will they do even worse things, is this like dealing with Gangsters? Vote fraud is allegedly being investigated have the dead have once again risen to come and vote in Wisconsin? The truth may be worse […]