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Amazing Media Liars

You watch the news, (if you can stand it) and you look at all the nonsense that you know is just not honest or even accurate.

Its Amazing really because the Media seem to believe that were all so ignorant that were going to believe what ever comes out of their mouths.

The truth is something much different.

They say one thing but their actions bely what they say.

Ignore what they say and watch what they do.

Want to see the truth…   Here it is.

ferguson lies Politics

Ferguson worth saving?

Is The City of Ferguson worth saving at all?

Some people wonder, because the media and some race baiters are out there continuing to tell a lie.

There is a fallacy here that was generated by the media and its all a lie.

Every bit of it is a lie.

The media participated in this lie.

But they do not care, all they want is the news.

There are people out there that are trying to use the excuse of these race baiters for political means.