Ferguson worth saving?

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Is The City of Ferguson worth saving at all?

Some people wonder, because the media and some race baiters are out there continuing to tell a lie.

There is a fallacy here that was generated by the media and its all a lie.

Every bit of it is a lie.

The media participated in this lie.

But they do not care, all they want is the news.

There are people out there that are trying to use the excuse of these race baiters for political means.

They are wrong…

But they do not care.

There was a lie told on the evening this all happened.

That lie was retold by the media.

It sounded good right, sure it did, lets make something up and lets get this news story burning.

Lets get this news story so the networks pick it up.

So they perpetrated the lie.

The next morning when they began to vet the facts of this lie, it was found that the person that was the witness.

Was actually one of the persons that had robbed a convenience store the previous evening.

Seeking to avoid jail and also feeling somewhat clever they told the lie to distract attention from their own guilt and shame over the events that led up to the lie.

Once the media found out that everything they reported the night before was a lie and they realized that should it ever come out that they had created millions of dollars in insurance claims that they might be held responsible for they panicked and they thought to themselves, (in the usual ignorant fashion) let pretend it happened anyway and no one will ever figure it out.

So the lie continued to be told, over and over again and then the race baiters came into town.

They started setting up shop to sell what they sell best, Anger, Division, Destruction, Emotional disturbances.

They sell Hate.

And business is good…

People are after all hurting and sometimes anger is better than despair or is that true?

You see the truth about what is continuing to happen in ferguson is that its all a lie.

Over and Over again this lie has been told and yet no one will tell the truth for what the truth is.

This one lie has caused Millions of dollars in damages and it has caused the complete life savings for many area business out there.

Who would want to build another business here?

When the town can be destroyed by
one LIAR…. ???