Heroes of the Brotherhood

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There is a brotherhood that exists between men and woman of the Military, we recognize each other often by just a first look.

We can become fast friends quickly because we share the same experiences, many of us were born on Military bases.

  • We know no other way of life except that of this brotherhood.
  • We sacrifice, We know the pains of loneliness, we can identify with the challenges of service.
  • We know what we are about there is no mystery about the freedom to choose the lives we choose to live.
  • We fight because there are some that cannot fight.
  • We Serve because there are some that cannot serve.
  • We make personal and financial sacrifices so that others may choose to live life in a position of comfort.
  • We often lay in the mud and the swamps where the insects bite and the weather makes comfort impossible.

It is because of these many sacrifices that America has been and will always be a free nation.

There may be those that attempt and seek to change that but they will forever fail.

 We are the first to never forget to salute the flag and we are often torn when we see the Flag that represents our sacrifices treated disrespectfully.

We often see people who leave a flag out in the elements and watch as people leave these flags so as to demonstrate their lack of respect for this great symbol of this nations many personal freedoms.

I remember a time when a fellow serviceman stopped and gently took down one such flag that had been reduced to a tattered array of threads.

He removed the flag and replaced it with a brand new flag along with a note that freedom is about respect.

It is about how much we love this way of life and the freedoms that we share with everyone.

There may be some that attempt to take away your freedom to express yourself at the expense of everyone.