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  • FED fear and loathing

    Well here we are again looking at failures in the banking system and this time its not just here but also international locations. So, is this something that the FED may have contributed to in the last year of raising interest rates? 8 yes, Eight, interest rate hikes by the FED in the last 12 […]

  • Bank Failure’s

    While some might still be living under a rock and may not have heard about three bank closure’s in the last few days many others are concerned about the possibility of multiple failures. After all how well do you know what your local bank is up to? Sure the bank in your local town is […]

  • Crypto… 

    Its in the news every other day… But do you really know about what crypto actually is? Chances are you may have heard about crypto and the chances are even greater that you may not really understand it much..  Even if you do have a technical mentality most people that do know what crypto is […]

  • Here comes the Fed to wreck the day… 

    History it keeps repeating.. The old saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it… Well it appears that even when you see the truth that history presents… Some people still keep going down the same old worn trail even when there are better paths available. The FED apparently still […]

  • the Failure of the FED

    The FED has failed to make any kind of impact on the economy. They want to see inflation go down but they have no real authority to make that happen. So they continue to do the one thing that they can do and that is to raise the interest rates. Sadly that has not worked […]

  • Home Depot 17.1 Billion Profit…

    Home Depot  profits by 17.1 Billion dollars.  Earnings for the year reached $17.1 billion, up 4% from a year earlier So, what do we take away from this information? Prices are really high at Home Depot, many items that were previously higher than normal have now tripled in price.  Why is that? Why has the […]

  • What is the FED doing?

    Or as many industry analysts fear does the FED know what they are doing? What is the FED doing? For years there have been many that feel that the FED has made a real mess out of a lot of things including the economy and the banking system…  If you feel that statement is not […]

  • Egg In Flation

    EGGiNFLATION The price of Eggs in most areas have become too high and we see the Media are making excuses for the high cost of eggs “saying that bird flu has caused the price to go up”. But is that really true? In one headline    Record-high profits at the top egg company, should be […]

  • Superstitious congress?

    Is the Congress Superstitious or is it just a coincidence? In what appears to be a history making election of the speaker of the house in the 118th congress it seems like it might just be possible that at least some members of congress might just be superstitious. There have been 13 votes to elect […]

  • high car prices

    The price of new and used cars has gone out of sight! You can see people complaining everywhere about used and new car dealers who are pushing up the prices of used and new cars and trucks… In a recent report the average for some car payments, is all the way up to $1,000.00 per […]