Bitcoin Dead?

As you might expect Bitcoin has been pronounced dead…

Again and Again!

In fact over 400 times now Bitcoin has been declared dead.

Will it stick this time?

Over the last two weeks the crypto markets have been decimated.

Losses in the Billions…

Is it over? Really over this time?

Will bitcoin finally succumb to the end of the internet and the end of all things digital?

Probably not…

With so much news coming out about the Crypto Markets and the sudden value reduction it is easy to say that things are ending for crypto however that may not be the truth.

The news media even came out and blamed a tweet by a misbehaving Billionaire, for the reason why BTC and many other Cryptocurrencies lost billions in value overnight.

Was that the truth?

No, not at all but it does look like the markets are very sensitive and superstitious when it comes to rumors and innuendo.

The truth is not as obvious as you might imagine and no it is not over just yet.

“This is not financial advice”

While prices are down some are saying that this is an opportunity and others say cut your losses but that is something that each person has to decide for themselves.

It is likely that prices will rebound but who knows how long that might take, a week, a month, never.

One thing is clear there are companies that are deeply involved in developing new technology and creating opportunities that quite frankly are mind blowing.

This is not just air they are selling although some have said that the real truth is something akin to science fiction without the fiction.

When you begin to look deeper into many of these companies you can see that there are some real burgeoning enterprises that are quite frankly developing the future of the internet and beyond.

Just like they said about how the Internet was just a fad…

Like Email would never replace regular mail.

Like Websites would never compare to brick and mortar stores. . .

They were wrong about all those things and they are likely wrong about Crypto as well.

In the near future we are going to do a deep dive int0 what some of these companies are doing with digital currency and how it actually works.


bitcoin Records!

Two times today and the day is still young…

Wow, the bitcoin world is going crazy and so is crypto…

Today BTC or Bitcoin broke two record high events within hours of each other. 

63,695.98  and 63,768.79 before sinking down to around 53,300  BUT the day is not over it is very possible that we will see 64,000.00 and above either later today or tonight. 

Some think that this is due to the “Coin-Base” Effect which in case you may not know is happening on April the 14th. 

Certainly there is some effect and that is logical however there are many other factors that are beginning to point to a large surge in price for bitcoin in the near future. 

There are a lot of people who have been holding for years and i can imagine that this presents a real conundrum for those people. 

Should I sell now while its high or should I wait until it goes even higher?

Likely it will go higher.  (that is not financial advice)

Some are predicting 110,000.00 by the end of this year and still others have made some rather let us say unlikely price amounts which I am somewhat loath to mention but hey its the internet right, you probably already heard this anyway but just in case… 


Now, the chances of BTC going to $400,000.00 by Dec 2021…

I just cannot imagine it but also I could not imagine it going from 30,000 to 63,000 in less than 90 days either. 

(This is not financial advice) 

I believe that the high for tomorrow may be up to $70,000.00

Now that would be a real Boon for Coinbase and for a lot of small investors as well. 

The thing here to remember and again this is not financial advice at all, not in any way shape or form. 


But the thing to consider here is that in order to really profit from the buying and selling of Crypto you have to get it at an affordable price or buy it while it is in the low end of the cycle. 

Like right now it is around 63,161.725

It will likely go down some and then back up again. 

IF you have nerves of steel, you could profit some. 

Again though it is important to remember that if you are thinking you can buy 10 bucks and make 10,000 well you are not really in the right place to be investing right now and that also goes for those that do not have any investment capitol. 

Basically what this means is do not under any circumstances put your rent money into BTC. 

WE all know that it is going to happen but it is a very Bad idea. 

Again, not financial advice but logic dictates that you should never Every Under any Circumstances risk money that you need in order to survive. 

Grocery, Food, Rent, Car payment, Gas, 

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, the best thing to do is to just ignore this completely and work on getting into a better situation where you have capitol that you can use in this way.   I know that sounded like it was advice but totally not.  

IF you are new to Crypto and are “thinking of getting started”  prepare to make mistakes. 

You will sometimes sell when you should be buying and buy when you should be selling. 

You will make mistakes. 

One of the most common mistakes is using a manual order form. 

A lot of people do not really understand how they work and believe me sometimes they do not work the way you think they do and sometimes they do not work at all. 

So, be prepared to make mistakes. 

But probably the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself. 

No that does not mean watching a 3 min video on coinbase. 

They are informative but hardly provide the in depth information that you are going to need before really starting to buy and sell, much less trading. 

There are lots of people who are very experienced at trading that lose their shirts on Crypto so be very wary wabbit. 

One of the things that you can do is to use a good service one that allows you to trade on “paper”  This lets you try out the system but the trades are not real, your using fake money to try out what trading might be like. 

Also be very aware that just because you “fake trade” and see some success, remember your actions are likely going to be influenced. 

Basically what I mean by that is that when you are playing monopoly its different than say you were to play monopoly for real money. 

Money tends to kind of change the way you feel when you are trading. 

When subconsciously you know its not real you will take risks that you will not feel comfortable with taking when it is the real thing. 

Also you might feel over confidant and take that risk and then watch in “horror” as the price drops and drops and drops just after you made that trade. 

Hey it happens to every trader out there. 

The bottom line here is sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. 

Never Risk something that you cannot afford to lose. 

IF you cannot afford to lose your Automobile, then you certainly should not be risking the price of that automobile on the offhand chance that BTC will go up…

You can trade with as little as a few hundred dollars but honestly you will not likely see much profit. 

The thing is you do have to start somewhere and loosing a few hundred dollars while gaining an education on how NOT to do that again…   Priceless education but only if you can afford to lose that money. 

We say this all the time. 

Never Risk what you cannot afford to lose and people still do it anyway.

Like your wife or your girlfriend. 

Tempting I know but seriously its not going to end well if you do something like that. 

All humor aside, This Really is not financial advice. 

Buying and selling crypto can be fun and rewarding but it can also be like staring in your own horror film one where you end up without your shirt or you pants. 

Seriously read up on this stuff because there is a lot to learn and no matter how much you think you know now…  You do not know enough… 


BTC cheaters?

Are there really people that are actively engaged in manipulating the Crypto Currency Maketplace?

In a word, YES!

Crypto Buyers are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. 

The price fluctuations are a serious problem for many that are interested in bitcoin but are not sure if they want to chance the marketplace. 

That is a wise decision and one that for many reasons could save you a lot of time and money. 

One of the biggest problems right now is Options. 

Options are sold by large companies that basically allows participants to “Bet” on the outcome of the price of Bitcoin or many other things as well. 

In the Stock market world there are rules in place that are governed by various agencies that investigate problems. 

You would think that after over 100 years of this kind of issue people would know better than to try to “Fix” the market so that their bet turns out as a sure thing. 

There are a lot of people that are in prison right now for doing or we should say trying to do this very thing. 

In the Bitcoin world, BTC for short, some people feel that they can do anything they want to do and it will not matter. 

So, right now the only people really making anything trading BTC or Bitcoin are these rule breakers. 

What they do is to manipulate the market using several accounts, they buy and sell at certain price points. 

Both on the sales side and on the buyer side. 

They do this at the same time. 

So, currently the price is being manufactured. 

It is being held down to below 59,500.00

Now this is very unfair to the entire marketplace and it is even more unfair to companies that are producing software products to help people trade better. 

When the average or even above average trader cannot profit because the market is being manipulated to stay lower than it should be then no one can make any money. 

They want the price to stay around a certain price point. 

They do not want it to go too low and they do not want it to go too high. 

So, unless you were lucky enough to have traded when the price was NOT being determined by wealthy individuals with an agenda then you are probably looking at Bitcoin and other Crypto currency and thinking you know this does not look like something that I would be interested in. 

That would be something to consider, (this is not financial advice) always consult with a professional before engaging in any kind of investment. 

In many ways I do not blame people for backing away from BTC or Bitcoin or any other digital currency. 

As an example, today if the price goes one inch over the 58,000.00 mark some accounts come and dump a lot of BTC on the market in order (allegedly) to force or push the price down lower. 

You can see this easily the price has been “kept” at between 58,300 and 57,700  only occasionally going higher or lower.   

When this kind of thing happens it is a real problem for everyone. 

Sure the exchanges make money and the big players make money but everyone else is digitally strangled by these “players”  so what can the average person do?


The truth is that when this kind of thing is allowed to go on there are no winners in the real world. 

(this is not financial advice) 

In many ways it might be better to see what happens next because the more this happens the more that prices will keep going down until people are no longer interested in the market. 

Now, that might seem a little odd to the trader but a large part of what has made Bitcoin so valuable is the interest from the average person. 

IF this continues the average person is going to lose interest. 

So, back in the real world many people are beginning to ask the question When will the exchanges take some action because they have to know this is happening. 

There is no way they do not know this is going on because on one of the largest exchanges it is happening and rumors say that they are going for a direct listing soon. 

Perhaps even this month. 

But will that affect this (poor mans IPO?)   

Who knows, one thing is clear if they expect to do well on this direct listing they are going to have to “clean up” a lot of what is wrong and a lot more of what is being allowed to happen. 

Who knows what the future holds but one thing seems clear if it keeps going the way it has been going the last three months, well the market is not going to support Bitcoin. 

Not only might it crash but it could become worthless. 

I hope that does not happen but it seem clear that something is very wrong in the BTC world…


BTC Manipulation?

Bitcoin is all over the place, one minute it is way up and the next it is way down and that seems a little strange.

But if you consider that the crypto market is still somewhat sketchy in many places in the world then it is still likely that manipulation is playing a role in the cost and the price of BTC every day.

This has been discussed in many online forums as well as some large brokerage firms. There are many issues with trading in Cryptocurrency and one of the biggest is being performed by the so called “Bitcoin” Whales, (owners of large sums of bitcoin) Allegedly what they do is to use more than one exchange to play trades against each other to do one of several things. They want to push the price up high then cash in stockpiled bitcoin. It is a cycle that they repeat over and over again.

They force the price lower, buy up a large amount of bitcoin then they push the price up high and sell.

This would not be legal in most of the world.

What it does is to deprive the average person from trading in a profitable manner.

Normally you could use various tools to somewhat accurately predict prices of course this is hit and miss as are most investment strategies however in normal trading situations the average or above average trader can generate a profit.

Since things are not normal and it does not appear that they will be normal anytime soon the average trader is losing money and the exchanges are benefiting from that as well.

So, the Exchanges are seeing this (allegedly) and they are not doing anything about it.

This could create some real problems for the Crypto Currency market in the future as well as the present.

When you consider that exchanges are allowing bad behavior by big traders who are “bending” the rules as well as outright manipulating the price, rise and fall of BTC and other Crypto products then that will eventually force governments to address these issues.

When that happens BTC will lose value.

The big players will not be substantially hurt because they are already wealthy it will be the average guy and the hopeful average person that gets really hurt.

People are even now using credit cards to buy Crypto in the hopes that they can make money with it.

Running up high credit card bills then losing money will result in defaulted payments on high interest cards.

This will cause more action by more governments.

The longer that the exchanges allow this to continue the more loses will be generated and exposed to high risk.

In reality this is greed.

Yes, one of the Seven Deadly Sins…

The Exchanges are getting rich from trades.

These big traders are getting rich from buying selling and manipulating the price of BTC.

While the average person is getting taken to the cleaners.

It would seem that the exchanges would have a “vested” interest in cleaning up their allegedly “dirty” dealings.

But as it goes with so many situations these days until they are made to see the “light” they usually do not make any changes.

Knowing that this is going to happen and likely sooner rather than later the idea of investing in bitcoin for profit is not going to be a lasting thing.

People should be made aware that the price of BTC could drop drastically overnight.

They could in fact lose all of their money in just one night.

Naturally there will always be people interested in taking extreme risk in the hopeful anticipation that they might get rich.

The real truth is that the time for getting rich on Bitcoin has really all but passed into the history books, (depending on who writes them) now what we have are people who are taking all the air out of the marketplace for their own benefit and that is not a good situation for anyone.

There are however a few things that you can do if you are just OCD on this idea of making money with BTC.

One of them is to use a BOT, Basically a Robot that trades for you far faster than you can do so for yourself.

This is not financial advice, if you are looking for good financial advice hire a professional with a proven track record.

There are a lot of different products out there.

Some are better than others.

Many are expensive and are no better than any other product out there that are not as expensive.

Because the market is not normal these trading tools or robots are not as effective as they were in the past.

But you can still benefit from using one of these.

What you really have to do is to set the robot up and just walk away.

I know that sounds crazy but that is really about the only way to really get out of the buy sell buy loop.

Unless you have nerves of steel it is better to just let the robot do its thing, it is slow but over time you will see a trickle of profit.

What happens to most people is that they get scared.

They let fear push them into selling their positions off because they think that the value may go so low that they will lose too much money.

To be honest that is a possibility.

For many people it has become a reality.

To really do this you have to say ok, I have X amount of money that if I lost it the only thing that would happen is that I would have some lasting regret.

That is the only way to look at it.

IF you need the money because it is part of your retirement program then do not invest it in bitcoin.

It really does have to be disposable income.

Money that you could lose and not find yourself in a bad financial situation. Never take money that you need for investing it is the root of all downfalls.

Just remember this is almost like walking into a casino and hoping to win a million dollars.

Most of the time that is just not going to happen…

bitcoin BTC Politics

bitcoin is suffering from artificial gravity

Could it be that BTC is actually being pushed up by people?

It might be a possibility because it would seem that now that the first cryptocurrency has reached 60,000 the next goal is $70,000 but is that really what is happening?

Some have postulated that 100,000 is what BTC should be by the end of 2021 others say 2025 but in reality the real price may be much lower.

Over the last four days the price went from the high 50s to 61,500 or perhaps even a little more.

logically and mathematically the price should have returned to around 55,000 at least a lot of economists seemed to indicate that a lower price would be more feasible.

However it looks like the price keeps moving between 59,500 and 61,400 this is defying gravity at least that is what it looks like.

Perhaps it will go up to 70,000 and if it does will it drop suddenly to a much lower and logical price?

On some of the forums such as bitcointalk discussions ranged from surprise to disbelief with one poster suggesting that the stimulus checks might play a big part of this sudden rise.

However, the average person is not as likely to be so BTC savvy and the suggestion that people will be buying bitcoin is not really logical either.

So, will Bitcoin start moving higher or will it begin to go lower.

One thing is clear a correction is likely sooner than later but just about everyone has been wrong about BTC over the last few years anyway so anything could happen.

I would be cautious, (disclaimer, this is not financial advice) because some people might believe that the price is going up and buy in at this somewhat inflated price only to watch in horror as the price goes back down to the 50,000 again.

If it does go back down it is likely to stay down for a good long while.

Meaning that if you buy now, you are going to have to wait perhaps as long as six months to see a return and a lot of people are probably not going to be able to do that.

I suspect that in the next few days, we are going to see a lower price probably around the 57,000 to 58,000.

Just do your research otherwise you may find that putting money into BTC now may backfire.


BTC hits 60,000

You may have heard that Bitcoin has now hit over the 60,000 mark and on its way to 70.000.

Well it might do that but its not likely to do that in the next month.

(Of course you never know)

The exact amount was somewhat north of that 60 mark to about 60438 or thereabouts and if you are just tuning into Crypto be CAutious!

Yes, its up and Yes, it may keep going up but it also comes down.

We have seen it many times over the last few years.

It might be 60 today but tomorrow it could be 45,000

It’s not likely but it certainly could be.

You see there is a lot of excitement about BTC and that makes people want to buy it.

The more buyers there are the higher it goes.

The thing is some people are thinking that hey this thing could go to 100,000 and I could double my money.

Well, you could but you could also lose part of all of your investment and that is standard boiler plate legal terms but you know what when people read that including you and me, we do not think that it will ever happen to us.

What we think is that it will not happen to us because we’re smarter than those people who lose money and that might be true in some cases but eventually if you make enough mistakes you will go for a ride and it’s not the good kind of ride either.


This is not financial advice, nor should it be considered a suggestion it is just an opinion and an elaboration that carries little or no real value except that you should always consult with a professional when deciding to invest or to not invest that is a decision best made with valid licensed professional assistance. (This way you have someone to Yell at and to blame if (God Forbid) something does go south on you)

Given the nature of how this works there are some people that are doing ok and some that are not doing as well.

You just have to do the research and be on the lookout for stumps that might show up in your way.

But most of all do this with money that you can afford to lose because you might lose it.

Just ask yourself if something happened and this money was gone would I find myself in a bind?

Sure you would shed some tears and go through all the stages of monetary grief but in the end if you lost a few hundred bucks would you have a hard time paying bills?

That is the real question you need to find out when you first start to think about investing.

That is why you need to have someone that is licensed to help you out because they will take you through what you have and what you spend and what you have saved and IF it makes sense for you to even get started.

If you are going from paycheck to paycheck barely scraping by it really does not make sense to try to invest because your not in the right place financially, (disclaimer, this is not financial advice)

You can always do some research about budgeting what your spending now and how you can make changes that would put you into a better financial position.

I recently saw a post in a forum where this guy said that he Quit Smoking and that now he puts all the money that he used to spend on cigarettes, into bitcoin.

Ok, That is a good example of thinking outside the box.

Chances are you can find with help other ways to do the same thing.

Instead of buying $6 dollar coffee every day, drink water, or brew your own coffee.

See the forest, now see the trees.

That is still not advice, it’s just a clever method of modality.

Forest Meet Trees. . . (could not decide between them) so you get both at the same time. . .

Digital Money

Digital Currency

Can digital currency actually become like money is now?

The question is valid mostly because right now people are not really using digital currency.

They are buying it.

They are selling it.

They are trading it.

But for the average transaction and most every other one people are still using good old fashioned money.

Just a few days ago the price for BTC was hovering around 30,000 now it is over 52,000.00 as well there have been fast moves up and down.

Just last week the price went all the way down to the low 40s.

A lot of people panicked and sold off quick for what ever they could get.

They lost money.

That is the deal right now and one of the things that was being whispered that caused the fall from nearly 60,000 to the low 40,S was that the stock market closed short along with the bond market rates rising and to top it off, the Nasdaq was off as well.

So, what is different now?

Some of the same things are happening right now.

The Nasdaq was off by over 300 points.

Indicators in foreign markets appear to indicate that economically things are headed down.

But today BTC is up and it is up by a lot.

One of the opinions that was postulated was that institutional investors are now starting to buy into the BTC market.

You might wonder if these deep pocket investors really know what they are doing considering that it is more likely than ever that the Digital Currency market is going to go down.

March is and has been a month where BTC and other coins have traditionally taken a big dive.

Along with the indication that the stock market is headed down you might wonder why are these investors buying heavily at such a high price.

Naturally there is this idea that BTC could surpass 100,000 this year.

However, that is just an opinion and in reality it is hardly based on hard science or even good research.

It is obvious that the FED is against BTC.

The SEC is against it.

So, again the question why are these big institutions ready to spend big money when the market is up?

IF as in the past we see a correction then these guys are going to be in some deep pit in the middle of a deserted factory.

So, what is likely given what we know about how things have gone in the past and how it is looking right now?

It is possible that over the next few days we could see a return to the low 40,000 range. Probably around 44,000 to 46,000

So, now is not really the best time to be buying into the market because it is not going to stay at this level.

It took about 8 hours the last time that the Nasdaq took a dive for the BTC market to also take a dive.

So, We are in the first hour since this indicator presented itself.

As Well, markets overseas are showing signs of a sell off. I guess you could say that people are investing in BTC. Over the Stock Market. But that does not really make sense. IF as was put forward that people moved away from BTC in favor of bonds.

No, everything points to a decline and it is likely that it will make its way back up to this level again but it is probably going to take about three weeks to do that.

This is not financial advice, it is not really even an opinion just some observations. As with any market move, you should consult with a professional that you trust, (perhaps not your broker, LOL) All Jokes Aside, it is looking like we are in a bubble at least for now.

In the future things might change.

For now BTC and other Cryptocurrency remains very risky and to validate that idea all you have to do is google I lost my bitcoin.


BTC Crypto

Bitcoin is creating quite the stir moving up and down often so fast that you cannot even lock in a price.

With all of the up and down moments it makes it very difficult to actually use this as money.

This creates a real problem in many ways and so far the price has continued to go up and down from 44,000 to 58,000 all in one day.

It creates so many issues for those that want to buy but just do not know how it all works or even if it is something that is safe to buy.

Larger institutions are buying into bitcoin but what does that mean to the average person who might want to buy Crypto Currency?

Right now it is hard to say because some people say that BTC is going to go up to 100,000 this year.

Still others are saying that it is going to go way down.

Logically it is more than likely that BTC is going to go back down before it goes above 60,000 and stays there.

It seems to move up and down about 2000 dollars at a time.

One day its 47,000 to 49,000 the next day it could be 44,000

So, a lot of people are buying and selling but with a percentage added onto the average price.

Just today one company was quoting 51,090 and the spot price was 48,900 So if you wanted to buy from that company you would have to overpay by a lot.

Also another thing that is a problem is the fee for buying and selling.

Some places charge up to 20 percent while ATM machines often charge 30 to 40 percent.

This is not a good way to do business and frankly it scares people off.

So what is it about this Digital Currency that is so radical that it causes the price to be so unstable?

Well, the biggest problem is that exchanges are using a trading software that is also used to trade stocks.

Digital Currency is not stocks and it should not be traded in the same way as stocks because companies issue stocks, Companies have employees, they have products.

With Digital Currency you have almost no way to tell how it will perform or when it might go up or down.

So it makes no sense that it is being traded in the same way as stocks.

Yet, that is what we are seeing right now.

The average opinion is that Bitcoin is going to continue to get more valuable but at what price?

When you cannot count on what the actual value is going to be from one day to the next it is difficult to sell something when you know what your product is worth.

Until Crypto Currency becomes more stable it is not going to gain a long term following of investors and regular people.

But beyond all of that it needs to stop being traded like a stock.

Exchanges need to change the way that Quotes are made.

When an exchange has a built in padding that artificially changes the value of the Digital Currency it creates an unfair playing field.

It is that real problem that will create more crypto lawsuits.

These exchanges must level the playing field or they are going to wake up one day to the SEC camping out on their doorsteps.

There are a lot of dirty things going on right now and some people are saying that it is used for illegal things.

Which is sort of foolish when you think about it because far more dirty things are done with traditional paper currency than digital currency.

The bad guys still do more dirty deeds with real cash then digital.

So, the idea that dirty deeds are what digital currency is used for is fantasy land.

Still there are plenty of methods that trading could be cleaned up and of course Taxes are going to play a big role going forward.

Like Taxes are not already levied upon everything.

But that is a different story.

For now be safe and be smart, do the research before you jump into the digital currency revolution.

2022 election Politics

Stimulus Blues?

Today congress, (the house anyway) are expected to vote on the 1.9 Trillion D0llar package that includes so many different things that no one really knows what is in the package.

(Not even whomever wrote it)

It is mostly a bad deal for America and Americans.

Lots of reasons why tend to point to money going out of the country to the most ridiculous “Twilight Zone” moments that defies the imagination.

Some good things are in there …

So while you might see some headlines about a vote coming up it would not be wise to think that you will be getting a payment anytime soon.

Rural America needs Broadband, which never seems to actually get to Rural America, no matter how many millions companies receive. Many companies have accepted millions of dollars to deliver 10/3 minimum internet but have failed to deliver on the promise to do so.

Case in point a rural service area at the base of the Appalachians accepted 83 million dollars to provide broadband, defined as 10 MB down minimum, 3MB up but they did not complete the project.

This continues to happen consistently in many states, this despite fiber optic lines running less than one mile away from populations served by Two State Highways and numerous county roads.

This company should have upgraded their facilities but they did not do this mostly because the equipment they have was used to begin with and was made in 1999.

This is decades old technology that fails to provide even a semblance of what many people in the world already enjoy.

Additionally, this state also sponsored a broadband initiative designed to provide last mile broadband services to rural areas that were underserviced.

The state also failed to actually provide those services.

So, yet again more money is being designated for rural broadband but little hope exists for many Rural areas due to anti competitive Telco rules that were put in place decades ago when almost no phone service was available. (What this does is to prevent any company from coming into these rural areas) So, until the lawmakers “Ever” figure out that no matter how much money they throw at “Rural Broadband” Nothing will change until they address the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. Sometimes you have to actually change bad laws that have been on the books for 90 years in order to really succeed when you start spending money.

What is even more interesting here is that it is not entirely clear that the State even realize that these laws are blocking the deployment of Rural Broadband…

So they sign a bill but they do not follow up or follow through to make sure that the money goes where it needs to go…

That is waste!

Now the biggest reason why you and millions of other Americans will not be getting a check anytime soon…

Minimum Wage!


Ok, sure in a perfect fairy tale world people should be getting paid more.

Everyone agrees with that idea.

The problem is that mandating a minimum wage of $15.00 where a man digging a ditch gets paid the same thing as a cashier at the local retail store, like dollar general or walmart ect.

The problem is that in some jobs skill or strength or both are essential and attempting to put every person in the same box is not going to work out.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses would just close down.

Most of the Mom and Pop stores would be forced to close.

The small restaurants would have no choice but to close.

This will put more than 25 million Americans out of a job.

But the Democrats are going to leave this in the bill even though they know that the Senate will not approve $15.00 per hour in one bill.

They know it but they still left it in the bill.

Meaning that you are not going to get your $1400 check any time soon.

The Senate is not going to approve this period.

The reason why is that it is a bad idea and it will hurt more people than it helps.

So, if the democrats really wanted you to get your stimulus payment they would have tabled this measure and waited for the next bill.

It should be clear that they do not want you to get a check even though they say they do.

To be fair, the republicans do not want this either.

So once again regardless of what the democrats say they are going to fail you and then blame it on the republicans.

What good will that do exactly?

There are many people that need this and yes it’s not a lot of money but it will help.

So the next time you are sitting around wondering why everything is all messed up…

You know who and you know what the problem is.

This does not even begin to cover all of the wasteful spending that is in this bill at a time when America is in more debt than at any other time in its history.

So, ask yourself, Why?

Simple they do not want to send you a check so they make up a bill they know will never pass and they they blame it on the other side.

They know it will not pass.

This is just a huge waste of time and money all because these people are playing school house games designed to fool people who want to believe all of their lies.


Just So SAD!


Will Bitcoin See its Shadow?

Bitcoin its a big deal or is it more of a bitCon.

This new Digital age where almost anything is possible we find a lot of interesting things going on.

One of the more interesting aspects about BTC is that the average Jane or Joe could trade and or buy, sell, make money or lose money.

At least right now that is what is happening though things are moving in some disturbing directions.

For one thing and it might be one of the most important things is that regulatory agencies are comping at the bit to go after these big behemoths of the internet age.

Along with Crypto Currency political considerations are looking at Facebook, Twitter and others for their bad behavior.

The thing about this entire situation here is that for the most part you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

No, No, No Sir… OR Ma’am.

If congress goes after Facebook and Twitter and then Goes after Crypto Currency at the same time the effect on the stock market and the economy would be seriously compromised.

It would be insane to do that but all bets are off when it comes to doing stupid things in Washington.

There is a rumor somewhat backed up by at least some good faith evidence that a few individuals and or an exchange may have created artificial demand for bitcoin causing the price to go up.

The bad faith actor, (allegedly) if he or she exists they are as anonymous and as shy as the creator of bitcoin.

The rumor has it that allegedly someone invested a large sum of coins that were not actually backed up with real currency but were printed out on a hard drive and then glued together with crazy glue.

They then allegedly tendered these coins as payment to buy bitcoin.

This created an artificial bump that propelled the currency to higher than normal volume and value.


If true we could be seeing the effects of what might be a discovery of that fact by exchanges and they are now in the process of ridding themselves of that crypto.

(allegedly and a guess at the same time)

Another interesting story is that there were some 2.9 give or take Billion dollars in options that expired on the 29th of Jan 2021.

What does that mean?

Well for one thing it could mean that the brief but exhilarating and exciting fluctuation of BTC to 37,000 was tied to some of those options being executed.

The real story here is what will happen on Ground hog day…

Yes, indeed, Feb the 2nd!

Will BTC see its shadow and go back into the ground…

One thing is for certain Phil is not going to be worried about BTC like the rest of us Joe’s and Jane’s out there.

As I write this the market is moving up and down, up and down, but not really much movement.

34,230 to 34,400

Every time it starts to move up toward 34,500 it gets spiked down to 34,130 or less.

Then people start buying…

Then it goes aback up to 34,270 and then right back down to 34,200

What this means and this is really just an educated and prognosticated Spock moment but it looks like someone or a few someones are pushing a position where anything above 35,000 will create a loss for them and they are willing to spend like the devil to push down the market until a certain point in time hits and they get that long long and slow kiss goodnight.

Bad for us good for them.

The thing is will this overdue rally hit on Monday the first of February or are they going to wait to see if BTC sees its shadow on Feb the 2nd.

I can imagine that there are a lot of people online who are hoping and perhaps even praying that today between 12 and 2pm that the price will jump up again to that elusive 37,000 mark.

Right now it looks bleak and well like more winter is headed the Bitcoin way.

The high so far has not been all that impressive.


But then again I guess it depends on what you got and what you want to sell.

Just don’t meet anyone in a dark alley in the middle of the night…

They are not there to really buy your bitcoin…

There are a lot of possible indications that things could go either way and one of the big possibilities is that BTC could possibly open up on the index.

If that happens there will be a serious flame for BTC…

It will be on Fire.. No theater required.

The opposite could also happen, if the SEC or any other three letter agency decides that Joe or Jane cannot be allowed to compete with the very wealthy people who make money on the stock market.

That would seem to be a real possibility.

When you start to look at what happened with Gamestop…

When you start to think that what would happen if these three letter agencies decided that regular people need to stay poor and then take action that would keep Joe or Jane or Sid or anyone that would like to trade Crypto from actually being able to do that.

They would probably do something like this…

Set stringent requirements for trading…

Minimum account balances of $5000 usd.

You would have to keep that in your account at all times.

So if you bought any BTC you would have to have an equal amount in USD at all times.

What that would effectively do would be to exclude millions of buyers and sellers from being able to “Afford” to buy or sell BTC.

with the way things are going in America these days, they are likely to require a valid vaccination agreement before you could open an account…

Right back to the insanity of DC politics.

But lets get real for a moment IF you believe that the average guy or girl online can really make a ton of money and not because you saved any money on your Auto insurance, you might be right at least for now.

It is literally like the Wild Wild West in Crypto Land.

So “Stick to ur guns partner” and keep up with what is going on because its going to be a wild bumpy ride.

Happy Trails…