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Just like much of the Media there is an ongoing “Blackout” of Factual news. This is a real problem because lying is the same thing by omission. When you only allow one point of view to be shown and that view is proven as false or fake then you are not providing impartial information.

Take Google for instance, when you search for Election Fraud on Google all you see is stories about fake and false election fraud which to the less educated reader might mislead the reader to conclude that election fraud does not exist.

But that is not the truth..

In fact there are literally thousands of people currently in jail and many more that have been charged with election criminal behavior.

But when you search on Google you do not get the truth you get only a dismissive search result.

Does that sound like a good business decision?

What about the Advertisers on Google…

If you are advertising on Google and Google is allegedly engaged in slanting the search results with lies and fake news stories, that seems like a bad deal for advertisers on Google.

CNN has a headline which shows up when you search google for election fraud, it is not real and it is a lie of a headline, “Trump phones into GOP lawmakers baseless voter fraud event.

But wait, they presented verified evidence and presented real statements about fraud.

So, the statement by CNN is a lie, because it is not baseless.

So again all of these corporations that are advertising on CNN what must they be thinking about how the network is reporting?

When a large percentage of Americans stand up for the truth and we see the truth advertisers may face a consumer backlash that will create serious financial losses.

So while Google may be engaged in blanking out the news and hiding the truth in its search results, Americans are not deceived.

Americans who are the customers of these advertisers are taking note of all of these media corporations that are doing everything they can to Gaslight the Republic.

When the truth does come out…

The Media must be adjudicated for its coverage and its stance as well as its news reports over the last five years.

IT is time for the Media to be held accountable for what they have been doing for years without consequence.

The Truth Will come out!

People are not ignorant and people know the truth when they see it just as they know a lie when they see it on Google, (allegedly)

We have to push forward in spite of the media opposition.

When we have social media and search engines that are silencing the news because allegedly they do not like the news that is wrong and must be adjudicated.

We are a Republic.

We are not going to allow the media to lie to the American People about this election.

2020 election fraud Politics

PA Election Fraud!

Today in PA the people of America for the first time since election night were able to see and view the real news.

Americans are being lied to by the Mass Media.

Over and over again since Jan of 2020 and still today the Mass Media continue to face the lies of the media.

Finally in Pennsylvania we have True Patriots have come forward to talk about the truth.

They have real evidence of how far this election situation has become so broken and mutilated that no one could fail to observe that when looking at the Math on this election it just does not add up.

Election Fraud even while the Media deny it but that does not change the facts and the facts say that fraud happened. When you watch this video just know that this may be the first time that Many Thousands of Americans have had the opportunity to actually get the real news!

Changes in Election Law at the last minute that created a disparate advantage to one candidate over another one and the Media continue to insist that they are the ones that pick the election winner.

We must find the truth and this is not something that is impossible.

The truth about these Mail in Ballots is obvious.

There have been so many violations of the law in several states.


It is also possible that there are many more issues that have not yet been adjudicated.

It is time that the truth comes out.

It is time that the Media stop its systematic abuse of failing to report the news and the truth instead insisting that they have the only view of the election results.

In the state of PA we have real action taking place.

The real question here is Why the other states are not actively standing up and doing the right thing.

Why is the State of Georgia not standing up and doing the right thing?

Is the State of Georgia refusing to address the real problems with the election results involving Georgia Law and Mail in Ballots.

Will Criminal charges be filed in association with the failure of election officials in Georgia to follow Georgia Election Law.

We have great politicians and we have very poor politicians and we have a few politicians that are little more than crooks.

It may be time to put an end to those that would lie and be a party to liars and abusers of elections and election law.

One Person One Vote!

We have to look at the truth and not to even consider that the AP called the election?


Youtube said that the AP called the election?

That is just so wrong…

Americans must stand up for the truth!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Mail in Ballots!

Reports have come in that Stacy Abrams has indicated that they are mailing out 750,000 ballots to be mailed back for a Vote Fest!

How can any Republican ever win an election again in such a corrupt state where the Gov does not even abide by the laws written by the legislature.

All Ballots should be treated the same…

There should not be hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

The 2020 Presidential Election in the State of Georgia was subverted by mail in ballots.

Mail in ballots were not subjected to the valid Georgia Election Laws which require multiple steps to be taken when processing a ballot.

Yet, thousands and thousands of thousands of mail in ballots were not even checked for proper signatures, addresses, dates on mail in ballots were not even checked.

So… To all you Republicans that are just sitting on your duff and doing nothing …. You are part of the problem!

Without a proper election canvass and count which abides by the rule of law and not allowing ballots to be treated differently in one election and not other elections that is just wrong…

Now Republicans are crying to be saved!

But how can you be saved when you have the chance to do the right thing but you are doing nothing…

Right now you have the opportunity to do the right thing and examine all of these thousands upon hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

Do the right thing because WE cannot save you as long as mail in ballots are going to be used as a way to win elections by Fraud!

You better investigate because should you fail the people in this you will fail them in all other areas.

Google and Social Media outlets are blacking out information and data about the Fraud that created a mathematically impossible vote.

In some states, votes were allegedly counted for Biden at the rate of 20,000 per hour but machines are only able to process 600 ballots per hour.

Yet, Google only has stories about how mail in voting is the safest and fraud free way to vote.

We know that is not true because states like PA and GA materialistically changed the way that mail in votes would be counted.

They simply changed the rules during the game…

Lets say that you win at a game you are playing but before you can collect your prize, they come up and they say sorry but we changed the rules and you did not win…

You would not be happy about that…

That is what happened…

Georgia changed the rules, without changing the law.

The reason why this happened was that only the legislature can change election laws.

But the Sec of State changed the way that Ballots would be treated this created a disparity.

Ballots cast in person were validated, you had to present ID you had to be registered.

Ballots received by mail were not subjected to the same rules.

No ID, No signature, No Address, no validation required.

Do you think that the Gov of the State of Georgia should be in office?

We have corruption in Georgia (Allegedly) but hey you know the truth and we do too.

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Facebook Crime?

Is Facebook participating in crimes against the United States of America? That is something that at this point might be a serious issue both in terms of the election results and the systematic black hole shadow banning of posts that reveal potentially damaging information that could reveal some eyebrow raising concerns about Facebook and its role in this election scandal.

A post by Breibart on Facebook just came across the news feed but almost immediately after looking at the post the item appeared to just disappear.

Looking back on the feed the post was no where to be found.

A user would have to go into security and settings then look at activity.

Then the post shows in the left hand column.

But again something strange happens when you click on the post nothing happens.

Click again..

This time the page loads but right away it goes blank.


Nothing there.

Will not load from the Facebook console.

The only way I got it to load at all was to go directly to the Breibart Facebook page then it loaded and Wow…

You need to read this post.

I am including the text of that post along with a link to the Breibart Webpage so you can see it yourself.

What Facebook is (allegedly) doing here is serious.

IT is not only censorship but they are literally Blanking out the news.

Blacking out the Truth is What Facebook is doing here and that is something that must be not only investigated but adjudicated.

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire.

Well in this case there is so much smoke that you cannot deny the implication of potential Fraud…


REVEALED: Seventy-three percent of Joe Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from the seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania that received more than $18 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

The CTCL provided more than $18 million in “safe elections” grants between September 1 and October 31 to at least seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania: $10 million to the City of Philadelphia, $2.5 million to Chester County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.2 million to Delaware County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.05 million to Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), $863,000 to Centre County, $474,232 to Lancaster County, $471,000 to Berks County, and $148,000 to Erie County.

Ninety-three thousand two hundred and ninety-three votes (93,293), or 73.6 percent of Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in 2020 Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016, came from these seven counties and one city.

CTCL has refused to provide a breakdown of funding by counties in any state. Though press reports confirmed the CTCL funding of many of the counties identified by Breitbart as funded by CTCL in Pennsylvania, there was apparently no report in the press or by the CTCL of the $2.5 million grant made to Chester County, unanimously approved by the three member Chester County Commission on September 16, until Breitbart unearthed the details of the minutes of that board meeting. (Notably, the beginning date for the grant as initially approved was September 1, but a subsequent report (see page 37 of an obscure 41 page report of the agenda) for the October 8, 2020 meeting of the Chester County Commission showed the beginning date of the grant as June 1.)

Breitbart News contacted Chester County election officials and requested a breakdown of the use of proceeds of the $2.5 million grant from the CTCL, but has not received a response.
The analysis of the impact of Zuckerberg-funded “safe elections” grants from the CTCL to counties in Pennsylvania is similar to the results of Breitbart’s report of the impact of those funds on the electoral results in Georgia:

Most of Joe Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain in Georgia, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from three metropolitan Atlanta counties that received more than $15 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

Those three counties — Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett–accounted for 168,703 of Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain, or 76 percent.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckeberg and his wife donated $350 million between September 1 and October 31 to the CTCL “safe elections” project, as Breitbart News reported.

Critics say those funds were used to privatize the administration of the 2020 election and help Democrats Get-Out-the-Vote.
Here’s a comparison of how the state and these seven counties and one city voted in 2016 and in 2020: (2020 election results as of 11:00 a.m. ET, Thursday, November 19, as reported by Real Clear Politics)

State of Pennsylvania
Donald Trump: 2,970,733
Hillary Clinton: 2,926,441
Margin of votes for Trump: 44,292
Joe Biden: 3,454,686
Donald Trump: 3,372,329
Margin of votes for Biden: 82,357
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 126,649

Seven Pennsylvania Counties (plus the City of Philadelphia) That Received $18 Million from Zuckerberg-funded CTCL
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 93,293, broken down as follows:

Delaware County (suburban Philadelphia)
Hillary Clinton: 177,402
Donald Trump: 110,667
Clinton margin: 66,735
Joe Biden: 206,709
Donald Trump: 118,639
Biden margin: 88,070

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 21,335
Chester County (suburban Philadelphia)

Hillary Clinton: 141,682
Donald Trump: 116,114
Clinton margin: 25,568

Joe Biden: 182,372
Donald Trump: 128,565
Biden margin: 53,807
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 28,239

Allegheny County (Pittsburgh)

Hillary Clinton: 367,617
Donald Trump: 259,480
Clinton margin: 108,137

Joe Biden: 429,065
Donald Trump: 282,324
Biden margin: 146,741
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 38,604

Centre County
Hillary Clinton: 37,088
Donald Trump: 35,274
Clinton margin: 1,814

Joe Biden: 40,054
Donald Trump: 36,371
Biden margin: 3,683

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 1,869

Lancaster County
Hillary Clinton: 91,093
Donald Trump: 137,914
Trump margin: 46,821

Joe Biden: 115,847
Donald Trump: 160,209
Trump margin: 44,362
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 2,459

Berks County

Hillary Clinton: 78,437
Donald Trump: 96,626
Trump margin: 18,189

Joe Biden: 93,113
Donald Trump: 109,917
Trump margin: 16,804
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 1,385

Erie County
Hillary Clinton: 58,112
Donald Trump: 60,069
Trump margin: 1,957

Joe Biden: 68,286
Donald Trump: 66,869
Biden margin: 1,417
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 3,374

City of Philadelphia

Hillary Clinton: 584,025
Donald Trump: 108,748
Clinton margin: 475,277

Joe Biden: 604,175
Donald Trump: 132,870
Biden margin: 471,305

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: – 3,972 (negative 3,972)

Of the eight local governments in Pennsylvania that received grants from CTCL, only one–the City of Philadelphia–saw a decline in Joe Biden’s electoral results versus Donald Trump’s in 2020 compared to Hillary Clinton’s electoral results versus Donald Trump’s in 2016.


Georgia lies?

Is the State of Georgia officially certifying the election night results when the recount revealed exponential and troubling details that could have changed the election result.

Additionally the absentee ballots were not treated in a manner as prescribed by State Law in the State of Georgia.

But the Sec of State certifies the original election night count after recounting 5 million ballots allegedly by hand? But not looking at absentee ballots for matching signatures and defective ballots.

This is very disturbing as we begin to see a pattern of what could only be termed malfeasance or at the very least incompetence on a scale that defies as well as boggles the imagination.

Reports that a water main had broken surfaced on election evening and people were told to stay away.

(No poll workers were allowed into the area where the water main was said to have broken)

This turned out to be a false story and it prevented oversight in an election that is now less than one half of one percent. .05

Also consider that the absentee ballots were not handled in the same way as they were in 2018 or 2016…

But the Sec of State comes out and says that numbers dont lie?

Well People do lie and that is a serious problem for everyone in this nation not just citizens of Georgia who have been defamed and disenfranchised by what truly appears to be behavior that could be criminal in nature.

We must know the truth!

We cannot say well we will do a better job next time…

Really that is crazy!

Yet that is what the Governor of the State of Georgia said!

He said he expects a better job on the run off election?

But who cares about the President of the United States and the people of Georgia!

Are these people living in some kind of fairy tale?

You know the kind of place where they ignore the laws of the state and then tell the people nothing to see here!

That is simply not good enough!

Something Stinks in Georgia and it starts in the Governors office and the Sec of States offices.

WE Demand Answers and not a we will do better next year, This is not college football we are not going to be satisfied with the old we do better next year!

IF there is not something done to rectify this abysmal and deceitful result that is most certainty tainted and unjust then the people of the state of Georgia need to recall the Governor and remove the Sec of State from office.

Without Justice in this election there is no need to hold elections any longer because the people in charge will do what ever they want to do and nothing will stop them from depriving citizens of their rights to anything.

Sign the Petition.

It is time that we have some real answers about the alleged corruption in Georgia Elections and the reasons why votes are still being discovered that were not counted and not turned in…

We must have integrity.

We cannot be concerned with political parties.

This effects everyone because do you suppose that democrats are the only ones that can manipulate computers?

Who knows but what next time it will be a democrat that gets the shaft and does not have their votes counted…

When we have state officials that are saying dont worry about it…

Nothing to see…

We know that there is something to see and that something is all about thousands of uncounted ballots and thousands more mail in ballots that could be defective and even illegal!

If the Gov of the State of Georgia believes that the people of Georgia will just forget about this betrayal he should seriously examine his oath of office or resign!


Media must be

The Media Must be held accountable!

Over the last 20 years we have watched as the Media have constantly and consistently engaged in bias with a level of incredulity that frankly boggles the mind.

Perhaps that is what they want to do is to confuse the average person thinking that the average person is not capable of the intelligence to understand what is being done to them by the media.

Well, sadly at one time in our history we did have a large percentage of the population that did not know how to read.

That has changed drastically not only are there more people that can read than ever before with the internet many people are now much better educated than at any time in our history.

Simply Stated, People are not ignorant or they are not nearly as ignorant as the media seem to think that they are.

I can remember hearing Harry Reasoner, come on in the evenings and everyone would gather around the TV to hear the news.

It was not like it is now where various opinions are presented as fact.

What we see now is an intentional methodology that appears to be aimed at only telling one side of the story.

That is not News!

That is Propaganda!

Propaganda is something that is usually reserved for deception and disinformation but that is what we are seeing right now in the media.

Deception and Disinformation.

People know the truth even if the Media are not going to cover the truth and Facebook as well as other social media platforms have actively engaged in blacking out portions of new media that “They” Consider to be counter to their own opinion or point of view.

That is not Freedom!

That is Evil and it is something that may not stand!

We have seen what happens when the freedom of speech is denied to the people.

WE have seen what happens when only one view is allowed to be spoken.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ? Edmund Burke

The truth is not bullied about by cowards!

WE have seen many examples in history that demonstrate what happens when only one point of view is allowed to survive.

Silence is the tool of tyrants.

Yet the media want to silence everything that they do not agree with and that is not what the constitution protects.

The constitution protects publications but it is not a license to lie and deal falsely with the public.

The Media have proven that they cannot be trusted with this responsibility.

They will not or can not present factual information choosing instead to present opinion as if it were factual and that is not freedom that is enslavement.

The truth is something that is sacred.

It is something that God gave to mankind that cannot be taken away.

It is so sad to see the Media thinking that they are God…

Mostly because in the end they will acknowledge the truth but only after they no longer have a choice in the matter.

Take for example the following excerpt from an article about how the media played with the truth and lied to the public.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over and his report has shown that there was absolutely no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the focus is rapidly turning to those that endlessly propagated extremely damaging conspiracy theories about the president of the United States.  For 675 days, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC engaged in a fake news binge unlike anything that we have ever seen before in all of U.S. history.  They relentlessly pushed out news story after news story touting that we would soon have “evidence” that Trump had colluded with the Russians when there was no evidence at all.  They kept telling us that “indictments are coming”, that “the noose is tightening” and that “the walls are closing in on this administration” when none of that was ever true.  The entire Russian collusion narrative was a piece of fiction created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team to explain her shocking election loss, but once it was embraced by the mainstream media and pro-Clinton members of federal law enforcement agencies it quickly snowballed out of control.  Now the time has come for the mainstream media to be held accountable for lying to the American people on a massive scale, and later in this article, I will explain how this can be done.

Obviously the time has come for some serious discussion into how the media have been systematically conspiring to engage in the influence and outcomes of elections.

They have never done this for republican candidates.

They only ever engage in the denigration of candidates and now we see how the media want to declare the election over.

They want to be in charge of who is president.

That should be obvious.

This is a very dangerous thing and it is also something that must stop.

It has to stop or else what has brought this nation to such greatness will end and with that end will come an end of the blessings of God which is what made this nation great in the first place.

Without that you have nothing.

So while the media may think that they have finally won…

What they will have when they are done will be nothing without God and that is sadly something that the media cannot comprehend nor understand in any way at all.

2020 election Politics

Dominion Lawyers UP!

Block Buster News BREAKING!

PA News Conference about Dominion.

This is huge news folks!

Dominion has Lawyered up rather than meet with PA legal authorities to answer questions about the software that runs the voting machines in many PA counties across the state.

The Dam has sprung a leak!

The News Media Blackout on this Scandal is breaking and soon you will begin to see some media sources breaking this news.

This is the biggest news story of the day!

Watch the Video…

Huge News! PA legislature passes house resolution 1100

The PA House of Representatives has passed a resolution that would ask for a risk-limiting audit of the 2020 General Election.
House Resolution 1100 will allow the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to hire an outside agency to complete the audit to find out what went right and what went wrong during the 2020 general election. This was the first time the general election had expanded mail-in balloting for those outside of standard absentee ballots.

The LBFC was chosen to fulfill the resolution because they are a bipartisan organization made up of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans from the state House and Senate, and the committee can continue to work even though the general assembly session comes to an end at the end of the month.


Again Risk Limiting Audit of the Election Results in the 67 counties of the State of Pennsylvania!

In the video the best comeback I have seen all year states where is the evidence that the election was the most free fair and secure.. Where is the evidence that the election was fair and secure… WE do not see that evidence..

Accuracy of Dominion voting machines called into question!

America Wants to know the truth about voting machines and the possible digital theft of votes by manipulation.

You will likely never see this on TV unless the media finally understand that this is not going away and they cannot continue to lie about it to the American People.

This is going to be the biggest news story in American History…

It is encouraging to see a State Do the Right thing after watching the corrupt governments of various states attempt to overthrow the rule of law in favor of one political party or the other.

WE do not do things that way in this nation.

The State of Georgia basically stated that they would not go with the hand recount because what it was different?

Because they found errors that could not be easily explained?

Because they knew that what they were doing was not only wrong but would be the certification of fraud?

Should it be found that the State of Georgia knowingly certified a False Election Result…

The SEC of the State of Ga should face serious legal repercussions.

Will The State of GA do the right thing because PA has done the right thing.

The Truth is coming out folks.

Keep Praying because that is the only alternative that actually will work.

If you are a praying person
Pray more…

If you are not a praying person let me invite you to become one.

America Needs to Pray!

2020 election Politics

Election Fraud…

This is what is happening.

Get ready for amazing news that you will not hear on national TV.

This is really getting too big for the media to continue to lie about.

But the Media are sticking to the lies so far they are lying about everything.

Mathematically it is impossible Benfords LAW. . .

The difference between real votes and fake votes and so far the Media are still lying about everything. . .

This is the biggest News story since Watergate and Fox news is getting caught with their pants down…
The truth will come out…

Breaking News, it is being reported that the Head of FEC Says He Believes Powell’s Claims of Voter Fraud! That is the Federal Elections Commission.


“They can stick a thumb drive in the [voting] machine, they can upload software to it even from the Internet … from Germany or Venezuela even,” Powell said, adding that operations “can watch votes in real-time” and “can shift votes in real-time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote access anything.”

“We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden, Powell said.

This time the Media are wrong…

This time the Media are going to pay for what they have been doing..

America will not accept the lies of the biased media any longer and also those companies that advertiser on the media they are just as big a part of this issue.

Because what they are saying here is that they support what the media are doing…

Americans need to boycott all advertisers that support the take over of the The American Way of life in favor of socialists and liars.



Is it possible that this company may have conspired to defraud Millions of Americans on the 2020 election?

Who and What is Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems and Why is the Sec of the State of Georgia involved in defending them?


Is it possible that a company linked to Billionaires might actually be a part of one of the most egregious violations of the rule of law in this nation.

While the Media are busy screaming COVAD19 with their bull horns.

Literally that is what they are doing…

Yelling Covad 19 over and over and over again!

Why are they doing that?

Likely they are doing this so that they can try to distract from what is really going on which is the destruction of America by the Media!

It has been reported that the offices of smartmatic have been emptied and that they are empty…

Think about that for a moment, A company outside the United States has provided voting machines and or software for elections in the U.S.A.

Evidence is being developed and will be presented that will confirm that the Media have been lying… To the American People!

What is happening?

What is really happening is something that could be the beginning of the end of America IF our nation does not take action.

IF the DOJ does not take action…

IF the FBI does not take action. . .

We could be seriously facing marshal law in just a few short weeks from now.

IF the Authorities do not take action then they have joined in this treasonous action against the People of the United States.

This will be the test.

This will show the mettle of who we have in office. . .

This will be the day that either William Barr will either step up or we will see what kind of a man he actually is.

He has talked a lot about what he was going to do…

He has said many things but so far we have seen almost nothing…

I hope that he is busy doing something…

But should he fail to do his duty and to abide by the Oath of Office that he swore to the American People and the Constitution it will then be clear that he is all talk and no action.

One America News is the only media outlet that is reporting the truth at this time.

But what will happen should it be revealed that we have indeed been the victim of fraud and then we see what the Media tried to do…

What the media failed to do…

We must address this issue with the Media and they must be punished for what they have participated in and what they have been trying to do!

WE know that the media have not tried to hid how biased that they are but is there a point where we must punish those that would attempt to usurp the Constitution.

When the Media begin to participate in evil and criminal issues then they have abdicated their duty to report the truth and then have become something that does not have Constitutional protections.

The Media depend on that for a shield against what they have been doing. It might be soon that those protections may cease to apply to the actions of traitors to this nation.

The Media think that they can get away with anything.

They believe that they can lie about anything and face no consequences.

If you really believe that there was no cheating, Ask yourself one question!

Did 3 Million Americans wait until Election Day to mail in their ballots?

Why and How is that even possible.

Can you imagine that all of these people got up on election day and said hey I think I will go and vote by mail?


IF you believe that then you should seek professional help because there is no way that millions of people who are registered voters but did not decide to vote until the day of the election by Mail!

We Saw commercials for 90 days before the election about how you needed to go ahead and mail in your ballots…

They had already tabulated hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots before the day of the election.

But somehow on the Day of the Election Millions and Millions of people waited until the day of the election to MAIL IN Their Ballots.

Wait for it. Because there is no way that this happened…


Toilet Paper Math

Yes, this year counting ballots in this election has become like Toilet Paper Math…

When you consider the idea that we have recounts going on that are filled with the same people that lied, cheated, stole, changed folded and mutilated ballots in many different ways…

That my friends is like
Toilet Paper Math.

Yes this is funny but you know what it is also exactly what happened on election night when Election Tampering and Fraud created votes for Biden and not Trump!

We know what happened and there is proof but will it be enough to stop treasonous persons from fraudulently and falsely attempting to take over the United States.

IF people do not stand up to the media bullies then there will be no America.

The truly sad thing here is that the people that are trying to take over really believe that they can make America over in their own image.

But that is impossible.

It is impossible because America was made by a strong faith in God.

Basically yes God Made America Great…

The crazy people who are trying to take over this election only think that they are God…

In reality they are the Monsters you were afraid of late at night when you were a kid.

They are the monsters under the bed and in the closet.

More coming soon…