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  • Fox 6 News runs Fake news story?

    Fox 6 News runs Fake news story?

    Just recently there was a news story and an interview on a local fox news affiliate station in Birmingham Alabama.. This so called news story suggested that the social security trust fund which currently has 3.8 Trillion dollars in it, might need to borrow more money by raising the debt ceiling. This is false and […]

  • Hedge UP!

    You could say Heads up because this could be the biggest development since BTC! HDUP could well be the biggest crypto opportunity since the beginning of BTC? What this might mean for the world of crypto and beyond. Hedge… crypto with a big difference.  For many years there has been a somewhat secret world of […]

  • FEAR & Loathing…

    FEAR & Loathing…

    Fear can be a weapon when you try to keep people so afraid that they stop thinking… Gas Lighting America seems to be all that the democrats in congress know how to do… So.. What is going on now and why all the Gaslighting must stop… In a headline just recently. . . Wow, so […]

  • First Republic Bank Seized by the FDIC?

    Are about to watch as yet another bank goes down? Likely Yes, but we cant do anything about it anyway right? Probably not much except that we can and should discuss what is going on and what is likely happening that is creating these issues in the first place? As is normal in these type […]

  • Fox News and the Freedom of the truth?

    In the past we used to think that people are free to express their opinions and indeed that freedom is written down in the Constitution.  The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to […]

  • Beer Can Anger?

    People are destroying beer products in videos online? Well yes, for those of you who may not fully understand the concept of protesting a company or product that chooses to embrace a concept that has destroyed the lives of hundreds of children. In any meaningful and truthful examination of the behavior of large companies that […]

  • FED fear and loathing

    Well here we are again looking at failures in the banking system and this time its not just here but also international locations. So, is this something that the FED may have contributed to in the last year of raising interest rates? 8 yes, Eight, interest rate hikes by the FED in the last 12 […]

  • Bank Failure’s

    While some might still be living under a rock and may not have heard about three bank closure’s in the last few days many others are concerned about the possibility of multiple failures. After all how well do you know what your local bank is up to? Sure the bank in your local town is […]

  • Crypto… 

    Its in the news every other day… But do you really know about what crypto actually is? Chances are you may have heard about crypto and the chances are even greater that you may not really understand it much..  Even if you do have a technical mentality most people that do know what crypto is […]

  • Here comes the Fed to wreck the day… 

    History it keeps repeating.. The old saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it… Well it appears that even when you see the truth that history presents… Some people still keep going down the same old worn trail even when there are better paths available. The FED apparently still […]