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Sick of Media Bias

You might wonder how broadcast media are making any money at all, considering all the hyped up biased reporting…

Its hard to imagine that our once great Journalistic history is being tainted and traumatized by vultures that would be reviled by those reporters of the past, just imagine a world where Watergate never happened because the media refused to cover the issues when it was a democrat in office…

Double standards, Oh yes, they did…


Media Ignores Nixon impeachment?

What if the media had ignored the Watergate scandal like they have done with Benghazi…

Can you even imagine it now?

What if Benghazi had happened when Bush was President?

Would the media have ignored that news?

No, they would not have done that at all. 

Can we ever really trust the media again?


Watergate was nothing…

We look at history and we think we understand what happened, but do we really understand the present and what it means.

You look at the circumstances of Watergate, then look at how the IRS was used as a tool to suppress an election.

Those two events are comparable.

In  many ways, the IRS scandal is worse than watergate ever was.


Lies are all of the leaders in washington liars?

We have watched our TVs and have seen no one with the ability it would seem to be able to tell the truth.

What is going on, they compare the times of these issues to the Watergate hearings, but you know what you can see a certain amount of fear and respect as well as the truth being told, you could see it in their faces.

You do not see that fear any more in fact what you do see is contempt.

Why should these people retire and get paid on the backs of the tax payers everywhere for being bad leaders?

That makes no sense at all.



Bob Woodard lets get to the bottom of this

This is really Amazing.

WaterGate, it took the power of the press to turn WaterGate from a small scandal to a huge problem…


Scandal so much news so little time to cover it all…

Imagine your a reporter that has not done any real work in months well its really at least five years right?


But now they are working and they are finding out some things that they really probably did not want to know.

How far will the press go this time and will they do the right thing for America.

They put in hours and hours during Watergate and not one person died…

Four Men gave everything they were waiting for help that would never come…

They hoped for help, they did all they could do to survive hoping that they would be able to hold out long enough to survive.

But hope would never come…




benghazi liars

There is a truth that is beyond question, this is one of those things.
Men were allowed to die and no one died in Watergate…