Who cares what the media says…

You know there is one thing that the media has forgotten that will spell the eventual end of their power over humanity.

They think that people will care or even believe a word that comes out of the producers mouth.

Puppet heads that say one thing while knowing another.

Fools that pretend that they are telling the truth but secretly know differently.

The truth about the media is that the American Public no longer believe in the media.

The one thing that is even funnier than the self righteous media pretending they are relevant is the advertisers who spend millions every week advertising on these outdated modes of media.

Now that is really funny…

Think about those advertisers that pay all that money out and have little or even nothing to show for it, who is in charge of those products, because if I see someone wasting money Im thinking that the product is not that good.

Its simple logic, if a company is spending millions on worthless advertising, how good can their product actually be?


This is why most people do not really bother to think about what the media say because the media are no longer a part of the real world, they have created a place where they can hear their own voices and believe that they are making a difference, the truth is no one really cares anymore because the media have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted.

Just consider this every community has a person that tells so many lies that they are no longer trusted, if this person were to tell you something you would not even listen, if you did listen you would not believe what they were saying.

That is the truth and now what is happening to the media is that they have become the community liar.




The repeal pleadge

Can repealing the health care law actually undo the damage.

WE need to get this right, no more back room closed door meetings in the middle of the night.

No more excluding the American people. Sign the pledge

Remember how they said they would not even allow the press to be present when they were doing these things behind closed doors?

Sign the pledge

Take action sign the pledge, then vote them out of office, in 2012, because the white house will veto it, when that happens millions of Americans voices will
fall silent, but not for long, the liberals think that we will forget the betrayal of the American people by the veto that will come, but they are wrong we will vote you out of office, because a government of one man against all the people is not a government it is a dictator.

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