Gingrich, cannot win

Newt may be a smart man, but apparently he is not smart enough to realize that his desire to rule, will likely leave him broke with no votes.

NO way to win…

The following headline appears in the Christen Science monitor,

(which is sort of a misnomer in itself)

Has Newt Gingrich been on TV too long to get elected?

After 30 years in the public eye, Newt Gingrich has video-clip documentation of countless past opinions. Can he still present a fresh message to the American electorate?

There are a lot of people who are wondering why Gingrich would enter the race because it is allegedly very obvious that he cannot win and he may well selfishly create great harm to the GOP is he really on the right side of the political debate with all his baggage it is really interesting that this misguided man (allegedly) should not just go ahead and save his money instead of wasting so much money…


The guy is just not likable, (allegedly) I mean you look at him and the first thing you think is that he will never ever be the president, so really why is he wasting his time and money…

Think about that, why is he wasting his money, allegedly he sold out a long time ago, so really who will even waste their alleged vote on him in the first place.

Aarp aclu

Hillary Clinton, Extreme, statements?

In a recent news story on Fox news, a Video clip was played where Hillary Clinton compared the tragic events in Arizona as if they were the actions of an Extremist.

The problem is that according to all the information that we know, this is not an honest representation of the events that took place.

When intelligent people make mistakes like this it leaves a mark on us all, the sad events that took place were a result of a mental illness that went untreated.

This was not an extremist, nor was it proper to compare problems on foreign policy in this way.

At least Bill is smart enough to know this and would not have allegedly made this kind of terrible mistake, it is embarrassing to watch this kind of thing on TV.

Yet, for some reason they think its ok, to do this, people it is not ok, to allegedly lie to millions of people all over the world, if you are do this what would you do if you were ever to become president, I think this speaks to the main reason why we need a reasonable personality in the white house.

We need someone that can lead this nation not descend into partisan politics at every opportunity.

It is a serious concern when you see this kind of dishonest, political trickery, is something that we do not need in our government.

It is the very reason why we need calm personalities in office not this partisan distorted views that cause more harm than good, (allegedly)

We hope to see better examples of working together soon, because this is not the way to lead.