Keystone pipeline

Can the republicans pass the keystone pipeline?

Yes they can…

But as most know the President is planning on a Veto in order to satisfy the very smallest voting block the extreme left.

Now this might seem a little strange and most politicians would agree however it seems clear that this administration is extreme in many ways and is not particularly interested in the voting public.



Veto power in the White House

The Veto has been a power that has been used from time to time it is a political land mine and can create some serious problems for a political party. 

In the past it has been used sparingly, but never has it been used as an ideological tool. 

The idea that a political party would come out and act like badly behaved children in front of a TV camera is something that is hard to understand. 

This could be said of either of the main Two Party system that we have in America Today. 

The 2014 Election Cycle is likely going to be the most important election since 2008. 



2560 Cut Cap Ballance

Will we continue to be America the Beautiful or will we cease to be a nation of Free men and women?

We have come to a cross roads and the decision is before us will we continue down the road to financial ruin or will

This is what the American people really want and it is the hope and the change they voted for the question now is will the elected officials representing the American people do the right thing?

The American People have spoken and the White house says they don't care?

Is that true?

Is that accurate?

Is it possible?

Why would anyone not support saving America from an oppressive Whitehouse?

Why would anyone not support Getting Americans back to work?

Why would anyone not support the best plan to get America back on track?

This is the headline allegedly put out by the liberal media…

White House Threatens Veto Of

Cap, Cut Balance' Bill; GOP Plows Ahead…

Why not plow ahead, this is a serious issue when the media plays games with the American peoples lives, it must end.

We must do the right thing for our children.

We must do the right thing for our Families.

We must do the right thing for those that sacrificed everything for our freedom.

activist judge

Veto in Washington?

Will the Democrats sell out there only chance to win re-election by staging a Government shut down which is what will happen if they veto this bill, and more than that, will that spell the end of now President Obama’s chances to be elected as president again?

A mechanism for funding the Government and also restricting some of the most controversial increases in spending has been lobed across the net, now its the liberals turn will they do the right thing or will they veto the bill as they promised?

I suspect that if the president were to veto this bill that his chances of getting re-elected would be greatly reduced.

The thing here is this, with Japan in such dire straights a little perspective and a little common sense might be well received in the marketplace, however we are not seeing that happening.

What we are seeing is not American at all.

It is time to take a stand, if the republicans and those democrats that still want to have a job after the election next year, do not stand up for what is the right thing to do here, there will be much discomfiture.