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Aborton Funding?

Is that what happened? Are the democrats really threatening to shut down the government because they cannot stop wasting money. It is really crazy, you know funding NPR which only represents 8 percent of the view of the American people.

Funding Planned Parent hood, which allegedly supports and makes arrangements with doctors to terminate the lives of unborn children and they do this with public tax dollars?

Is that really what the liberals want their children to remember?

If that is what they really want I say shut down the government.

WE do not need them but they do need us.

WE are the people they have no power.

We are sick of all the lies…


supreme court ruling

Risky Behavior?

Did the supreme court just condemn the west boro alleged, hate group, (not really a church at all)
to risk their lives?

In a surprise ruling 8-1 in favor of allowing alleged hate speech to continue at Military and other controversial funerals across the U.S.

It is an Amazing thing to see such cowardice in practice by our Supreme court while in the past they have easily ruled that killing Unborn Children in allegedly evil ways, is just fine but when some coward wants to spew hate at a Family that sacrificed everything for the very freedom to do what they are doing, it is just nothing short of insanity.

The thing here is this, when people who are suffering and are emotionally hurting as these families are, and our own court system refuses to help them, then what will they do?

In fact how long before someone takes the law into their own hands?

It is a scary thing to consider that anyone can now protest outside a man or a womans funeral for any reason they want.

That is sick and it is not free speech, but you know what, if that is your definition of freedom of speech then I do not want to hear another thing about anyone saying that a particular opinion or other, even if it is fox new, No sir I do not want to hear another person call for any news company to be silenced. Because if it is ok to do this at a funeral then there is nothing that anyone can do that is not considered free speech.

So what next do we start having KKK rallies now I mean, wait, that would be hate speech right?  Is there not a law against that?

You see why this ruling is so bad, our Highest Court is allegedly now Corrupt, because they now apparently and allegedly make rulings based on alleged political motivations.