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Red Tape & HUD homes

There are literally hundreds of thousands of HUD homes that have been re-possessed, Remember TARP…

Well it appears that Red Tape is creating such a burden on those that would like to buy a home that many just veer away from the HUD home buying experience.

Its all because of the Catch 22 red tape marathon that has been developed allegedly to discourage anyone from buying the home.

1. Home Inspection.


Debbie Debbie

Is this the hope and the change that you voted for?

Is this what you hoped that you would see?

High Gas prices, Poor economy, Billions of dollars allegedly missing from the TARP program and no one allegedly even knows where the money went….

Just like that song from the 80s, “Shes so fine there no telling where the money went”

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Fox news gets it wrong?

Is Fox news a problem or are they just biased like all the others so called Journalistic media of the future?

The question is a valid one, is it fair and balanced or is it just a particular viewpoint?

I suppose if not for Fox news there would be no real news at all (allegedly)

But where does the blame lie for these sins of omission?




So which is it, are the employment numbers up or down, or sideways?

Do people really want to look up a girls skirt on national TV, (Can I say the answer is NO)

People, this HD is a great thing for movies, but I do not want to look up a womans skirt on national TV in the morning before 9 AM.

In a morning story on fox and friends they reported that there were 403 thousand new claims for un-employment and that it was higher than expected, (there is someone out there expecting more loss of jobs) think about that for a moment, today there are 403,000 more people out of work now that is just not good news in any way shape or form.

Then just a few minutes ago we get this email from Fox business news.

The Labor Department reports initial jobless claims fell last week by a less-than-expected 13,000 to 403,000.

Ok can you see why People just do not take the media seriously?

Two different shows on the Fox network report differently on the same news story and neither one got it right.

Yes, I know it is hard to believe, two different view points, and they both got the story wrong, or perhaps it was intentional?

I just have to ask, what is up at fox news, are the producers allegedly incompetent?

In so many ways the real story here is that two years after the stimulus plan, and TARP, and Billions of allegedly Missing Money, (some say as much as 230 Billion dollars is missing) that we have 403 thousand new first time claims, ok get that people, it is not good news, at all it is very bad news.

What is really interesting about this story is the apparent lack of faith in the public’s ability to think for themselves.

Apparently Fox news has joined the ranks of its Fellows that tend to think that every one but the producers and owners of Fox news are just plain too stupid to see through all the bull pucky they are shoveling.

I heard this blond, come on national TV and say perhaps its not as bad as everyone thinks it is?

Excuse me, but little miss Barbie pants, but do you have any idea what it is like in the real world?

When was the last time you drove yourself to work, in fact when was the last time you even had to put gas into a car, probably a long time ago, because you likely don’t even have a car.

This is the kind of stuff that drives viewers crazy, and while we are at it, I know many people might want to see a scantily clad blond is a skirt that is far too short for TV audiences, but I suspect that at least half the audience does not approve of the short short far too revealing camera shots at Fox news in the morning.

Just in case you producers do not realize it in HD there are times when you just dont want to see up a womans skirt.

My God people get it together.





shoval ready jobs?

The Term Shovel ready jobs made the scene some time ago when the so called stimulus, was to create jobs that were already waiting for someone to come along and go to work, what is puzzling is that after more than one year it was finally admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs, so one thing that we are wondering is why the media has not reported on what happened to the money.

Where is the money, that these so called non existent shovel ready jobs where money was spent to bring about these projects?

An accounting of what happened to that money is in order and it is interesting that no media outlet has covered this topic.

Where is the 350 billion in TARP funds that was never spent.

What happened to all that money, people want to know, because when you start talking about how your going to have to cut people that barely have enough money to buy food to eat, and you start talking about how your going to have to cut funds to projects that effect the elderly, people want to know where is all that money going?