James Rosen Was he targeted because he was Jewish ???

You might wonder about why the National Media have not speculated about the possibility that James Rosen may have become a target of someone in this administration, because of the possibility that he may be Jewish…

We looked around and did find some indication that he may in fact be Jewish, but we also found some indications that he is not.

Frequently online it can be difficult to tell what is true and what is false, that is one of the things that have long been a problem and frankly it is often touted as why the internet is not “real” news.

However recently with all the messed up news stories that have been published, on National Broadcast TV, you have to begin to wonder if this is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

We many never find out what was the reason why they choose Rosen, it may have had nothing to do with his possibly and allegedly being Jewish…

But it sort of does make you wonder…



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Can we really raise taxes?
or is the president right should we have more taxes so we can spend more money on stimulus and wall street bailouts?

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Massive tax hikes will not turn our economy around, create jobs, or improve our national credit rating.

The Tea Party Movement succeeded in forcing Congress to consider tax cuts before raising the debt ceiling, and now we are fighting to make sure President Obama can’t use the so-called “Super committee” as Trojan horse for raising your taxes.

If he succeeds, Obama and Reid will have ended the best shot we have ever had at reversing Washington’s disastrous spending binge. He will go into the 2012 elections as a hero to his liberal and socialist base. We cannot allow that to happen!

We at Tea Party Patriots refuse to let the “super committee” focus on anything other than cutting the size of our bloated federal government and balancing the budget.

This group of 12 Senators and Congressmen hold incredible power over the economic welfare of countless special interests- so you can be sure they are going to be the target of unprecedented lobbying and piles of campaign contributions over the next few months!

(…not from hard-working, tax-paying Americans like you and me, but from unions and special interests who don’t care to see a more fiscally responsible government! Indeed some of the Democrats on the panel are already fund raising based on their appointments.)

Now we are gearing up for round 2, and we need you. To counter the relentless pressure of the media, special interests, and the status quo in Washington is going to take everything we have. We need your help! This is going to be an epic battle, and your $25, $50 or more today can make a huge difference.

This is exactly the kind of battle Tea Party Patriots was born to fight. Please join us today. Your donation today will make a huge difference!

For Liberty,