US unstable?

Is the US now unstable, Millions of dollars were lost on the stock exchange today as a result of something that many people said could never happen, but it did happen and guess what else, it happened when a democrat was in the white house.

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Is this the hope and the change you voted for in 2008?

If you are sick and tired of all the lies and you are sick of the shame that liberals in the US Senate have created by allegedly lying to the American people pretending to cut a budget when they were really still spending as much or more.

Is this the hope and the change you wanted?

Did you vote for your children to become slaves of other nations?

Did you vote for this?

If you answer is yes, they congratulations you got what you wanted, but if you did not vote for then then it is time to vote all the liberals out of Washington.

Perhaps it is time to start recalling senators that are not committed to this nation.


betrayed by the GOP?

Are we being betrayed by the GOP at large?

One day after millions of Americans lost money on the Stock Exchange, the republicans are rolling over like a puppy at the feet of evil men who wish to allegedly spend us into oblivion and into slavery?

Is this the one lone voice of reason?

source fox news.

Sen. Jim DeMint is threatening to block a vote in Congress on raising the U.S. debt ceiling unless he wins a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, according to Fox News.

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Can you imagine that you want to buy a new car, but you just dont make a whole lot of money and well sadly your credit is just not as good as you hoped it would be. You go down to the dealership and they say sorry guy but your just do not qualify now if you qualified for some of the special programs then perhaps we could help you out but well sorry, (have a nice day now)

The thing here is this, if the average American cannot buy a car or get a credit card, because well times they are tough, then why is Washington continuing down this path to financial destruction?

Why are they doing this?